Friday, January 11, 2013

"Be careful with those pants..."

I wore my hot pink jeggings last night, and they were a hit. In class, a classmate took a look at my pants and said "it must be Thursday..." Another classmate said "Do you have a bodyguard tonight?" When I said yes, he later said "Rachel, you be careful with those pants tonight." I went out with my friend PJ, who said he only came out to protect me from being accosted (which he was super smart about because it would happen, especially in these pants). After a few hours, he had to go home and be an adult because he has a real job, so he walked me upstairs to find my friends. When he left, the weirdness began. First, I was talking to some random guy on crutches who was balancing his drink and walking at the same time (I was impressed). He didn't want to take the shot, so I offered to take it for him and his friends YELLED at me, totally embarrassing the kid and forcing him to take the shot. Uh, yeah, weird, but whatever. Then, I was outside talking to this random guy and his friend came up, introduced himself, then asked how we knew each other. I said we had just met, but apparently, I WAS WRONG! The guy threw a mini fit and said I met him in line for Obama (oops). I then remembered him and his girlfriend in line and introduced him to my friend who I also met in the Obama line. For some reason, new Obama-line introduced all of his friends to me as sex offenders, and I proceeded to tell weird stories about how creepy men are attracted to me until my friends came and whisked me away.

The friends I was hanging out with asked me to go to Off the Traxx; I told them I had almost been sexually assaulted there, but since I was going with a male, I thought I would be safe. I was until the end of the night. My friends and I were sitting outside of the bar, chowing on some pizza, when this guy walks by and drops his phone. Pieces fly everywhere and I point out where they went and what not. Well, this man then told me I had amazing mind control because I exploded his phone with my brain. I kept trying to get the attention of my friend, but this guy kept saying "don't tell him, don't touch him." After ignoring him, weirdo walked away. He came back 10 minutes later and sits next to me on the bench. He gets really close and puts his nose in my hair. I ask him what he's doing and he says "shh," so I grab my friends arm. Weirdo says "don't grab him, just enjoy." I ask him again what he's doing and he starts raving about how good my hair smells and how everyone should smell it. We all ignore him. As my friends and I are walking to our cars, Weirdo/Hair Sniffer comes up behind us and starts yelling random things. He then starts SCREAMING at us and follows us for a block and a half... so weird. He stops as suddenly as he started and walks the other way, so I sprinted to my car and locked the doors before I got kidnapped.

The most WTF moment didn't happen until the end of the night, but my hot pants did not fail me :) 

Time to enjoy some Florida sunshine and a lazy day because tomorrow I'm going to make myself get up super early to get in my 9 miles because otherwise it'll be too warm ;) #Floridaproblems