Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dark Chocolate Pomegranate is my Vice

Brookside's Dark Chocolate Pomegranate from Sam's Club will be the reason for me to gain back all the weight I loss two years ago. I could probably eat an entire bag in one sitting. I ALWAYS put it in the refrigerator because I LOVE my dark chocolate when it's cold. It's so so yummy :) If you have a Sam's Club membership, I HIGHLY recommend that you check it out. If you hate it, send it to me :)

That's another thing. Sam's Club is the best thing (and worst thing) for someone like me, who loves to eat all of the time. It's the best because I can buy so many snacks, but it's the worst because I get SO excited and drain my bank account. Here's my purchase yesterday, even though I just went grocery shopping on Friday:

Aside from the produce and the chocolate covered pomegranate, everything else should last me at least a month. It makes more sense for me to purchase my snacks at Sam's Club because I snack so often during the day that I go through all of my snacks well before it is time to go to the grocery store. I'm terribly excited about the giant container of animal crackers. Go ahead, judge me.

What's your food vice?