Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On an Avocado Kick

I. Love. Avocados. Seriously. I bought a 5-pack of avocados from Sam's Club on Saturday and they are just in the perfect stage of ripeness that I cannot stop eating them. On Sunday, I had some avocado on top of some of the leftover Black Bean and Hominy Chili I made on Friday, and then I had some on top of my Crispy Lime Tofu Taco Salad. Then yesterday, I had half of an avocado on my sandwich, along with some tomato slices, Tofurkey, spinach, and a pickle. I ate the other half on top of the delicious baked potato (photo below) that I made for dinner. Today, I put half of an avocado on top of my Black Bean and Hominy Chili (it's almost gone) for lunch. Literally, avocados everywhere. I cannot get enough. I've been using Hass Avocados, but have you ever seen a Florida avocado? One avocado lasts for days. I'll probably make some guacamole tonight or tomorrow so that I can have a snack. Avocados are a super fruit: they are full of delicious (and healthy) fats, good fiber, and they do amazing things for your skin and hair. Anyone who is not on the avocado train needs to get on this instant.

Hass Avocado in between Florida Avocados [image credit]

I've been seeing the weird man from the other day on my runs again, but this time he's been running. Still using his exaggerated arm movements, but more power to him for getting out of the house and getting some exercise! He's still using his weird lines, and each time he asks "are you running from me?" when I run past him, I'm going to get more firm in my "yes" and sprint away. Seriously, if I go missing one day, check him first. I also found out today that I am not going to Puerto Rico for class this summer because the professor is on sabbatical. Super bummer, but thanks to my philosophy of "everything happens for a reason," I'm trying not to let myself get too down about it.

This was last night's dinner. If you're looking for a meatless meal that's hearty. This is it. The baked potato was a meal in itself. I topped the potato with some sauteed spinach, 1/4 cup of black beans, tomato slices, some Monterrey jack cheese, and 1/2 an avocado. I grilled up a portobello mushroom cap to serve as the main course, but honestly, the potato stole the show. Portobello mushroom caps are a great meat substitute if you're looking for one, because they get all juicy and have great texture.

Let's be real, did I even need the mushroom?

What food(s) have you been addicted to lately?