Friday, January 25, 2013

The Night I Stole Two Oranges From the Bar...

It's official: My life is a mess and I never want to stop being 22. I am in love with this age, my friends, and going out and just being young and ridiculous. I've started this new trend where I take small things when I've been drinking. It started with a hat on NYE from one of my cousin's friends, the USF glass last weekend, and two oranges last night. I'm not sure why I wanted these oranges, but I did, and I took them. I was proud that I took them. And I ate one this morning for breakfast :) Chris described me as "shambley" and I couldn't think of a better way to describe myself and my life.  The night was relatively tame and I love that I can go out on Thursday nights with $6 in cash and still be able to drink lots of beers and get a piece of pizza at the end of the night.

It turns out that this is actually more of a grocery post so that I can prove that I'm back to being healthy and moving out of carb city...

 Thanks Main Street!

I did some cross-training this morning (AKA abs and stationary bike), but I was totally ill-prepared for the gym. I forgot my water bottle and I forgot my towel... and I've decided my favorite part of working out at FIT's gym is that I get a peanut butter protein smoothie after my workout :) I took a desperate trip to the grocery store after the gym because I had ZERO food! I went to Publix and I have no idea why I don't shop at Publix more often. They have a lot of local/organic produce and it's not insanely priced. Plus they had a lot of good deals on the things I was looking to buy! I went into Publix looking a hot mess (see below)and had a major case of swass (sorry, but being fit and fabulous isn't always glamorous), but even though this wasn't Walmart, no one appeared to be judging me.

 That's paint on my t-shirt.. I'm put-together..

 Saw this sign for some poor little tomatoes... they weren't even ugly.

Grocery cart! :)

The bagger was a savior and got ALL of that into two reusable bags. Not only do I love my reusable bags for environmental purposes, but they hold so much more than plastic bags.

Cabinets and Fridge/freezer before:

Cabinets and fridge/freezer after: 

 The fridge isn't that impressive and my fruit drawer is still empty, but I'm planning on going to Sam's Club tomorrow or so to get some fruit and other produce/snacks that I eat a lot of.

Lunch consisted of Arnold's Pocket Thins, spinach, yellow mustard, monterey jack cheese, Hickory smoked Tofurkey (first time I tried this), pickles, cucumbers, and southwestern hummus: yummy!

I had all of these plans to do things around the house, but the sun is warm so I'm putting on my bikini for a little vitamin D :)