Friday, January 18, 2013

The Old Men and The Swingers

Thursday night I hit up my usual spot wearing my brand new hot pants. I went out by myself with the intention of meeting up with the coaches; I figured I could chat with the bartenders and whoever else was there until my friends met up with me and I'd be safe. I was talking to Kyle and Johnny (who are both my favorite cause they give me big glasses of beer versus the small ones everyone else gets). The man next to me was eavesdropping and started chatting me up. This wasn't all bad, but I couldn't understand a word he said and he laughed after every half-sentence. When he finished his one drink, he left, but Kyle was super embarrassed and apologized repeatedly that the guy is really nice he just laughs so weirdly and at inappropriate places. This brought my old man count to 1. Roughly 10 minutes later, two older men come up and interrupt my conversation with Kyle so they can order their drinks (Rude, right? How dare they interrupt my conversation with the bartender so they can have a drink :P )We were chatting about what I do, what they do, where they're from, etc. The men decided to walk about 15 feet away from me at one point because I was sitting by the heater and it was burning the taller man's head, so I returned to my conversation with Kyle. One of the men comes up to me and whispers in my ear "If you're here by yourself, you can come join us." I thanked him and when I turned back to the bar, Johnny had this look of disgust on his face. He asked me what the man whispered and when I told him, he strongly encouraged me to stay away from them so that I wouldn't get drugged or kidnapped. He also reminded me that my count was now up to 3, and I hadn't even been there an hour. Shortly after this conversation, the coaches showed up, so I joined them and just chit-chatted before we moved back to the heater. It seems that everyone else was picking up people they were interested in, so I sat back at the bar to talk to the bartenders because Main Street wasn't that busy. Here is where I picked up the swingers. I sat next to this newly married couple and the woman began ranting and raving about how beautiful I am and asked me about my relationship status and asked her husband to take pictures of us together. She then leaned over to her husband and mentioned something about me joining them in the bedroom. I tried to ignore that comment and she asked me 'so do you like just guys? or do you like guys and girls?" I told her I only liked guys and she said "oh, well I love guys but I also like girls" and gave me this weird "i'm-totally-hitting-on-you-look." Thankfully, her husband whisked her away after that and I got away unscathed. 

The rest of the night was relatively tame, and I left semi-early. I'm having a mini Coastal reunion this weekend, so expect a ridiculous recap of my weekend come Monday or Tuesday :)