Monday, January 21, 2013

The Sarasota Shit Show

Well.... we survived. I took a trip to visit my friend Kelly from undergrad this weekend in Sarasota and it was SO much fun. We woke up this morning with most of our dignity and an exhaustion level of 100,000. Here are some of the highlights from the weekend. I'm relying on Kelly and my fuzzy memories, my tweets from the weekend, and various notes I've found on my phone. Be prepared for a long blog.

The drive to Sarasota is a little over three hours, so I listened to a lot of One Direction and country music to keep me entertained. On the way into town, I saw a gang of old men (complete with canes), walking down the street. I also saw a lot of Amish people dodging in and out of traffic on their tricycles. I met Kel at the Mote Marine Lab so we could do a tour of the aquarium and see the sea lion show before she had to go to her other job. I had so much fun and loved it. We caught a late lunch before she went to work and this is where I was exposed to the idea that strollers are not just for babies. I saw so many dogs being pushed around in strollers. Why have strollers for dogs? Strollers are SO inconvenient in crowds, and dogs were designed for walking, so let them walk. You'll have them on a leash and you're not gonna lose them, so I don't see what the big deal is. Kel went to work after that and I went to her house, got drunk, watched a Fatal Attractions marathon, ate half a box of Cheez-its, and waited for Kaitlyn to come pick me up so we could meet up with Kelly and get drunk downtown. We saw a man recording the band, who was not actually recording anything, got charged $8 for guacamole when all we wanted was a little on top of the nachos, and just went out and got silly. I made friends with a 7'0 man and drank a lot of beer. Outside one of the bars, I got stopped by some passerbys asking if I was Justin Bieber and if they could have a picture with me. Naturally, I obliged.
Edit: Kelly reminded me that I forgot to include that I stole a glass from the bar. The glass said USF and Kelly wanted it because she is applying to grad school at USF. She didn't have a big purse, so I shoved it in my pants and walked out. Not obvious at all...

Favorite tweets of the night:

Saturday took the cake for absolute shit show of the weekend. Kel and I woke up and somehow convinced ourselves to go to the gym. It took us forever to get our lives together and just get out of the door. When we got to the parking lot and parked, it took us 4 tries to get into the gym because we kept realizing that we had forgotten to put things in the car that we didn't want to bring in with us. When we finally got in, I had to sign in because I was a guest. One of the boxes said "How did you hear about us?" And Kelly wrote "Best Friend 4 Life" in that box for me. The gym people were already hating us. We were those girls that you hate at the gym: the one's who are working out and getting sweaty but who are burning as many calories because they won't stop talking. Everyone was looking at us and hardcore judging us. The gym was playing all of this Debbie-downer music and was not pumping us up AT ALL! We spent about an hour and a half at the gym, but there was a period of time where we just stood there and laughed for 10 minutes, making everyone hate us. Don't hate us cause you ain't us! We went to GNC after and made friends with the worker there and probably brightened his day. We went home and took "fake showers" before going down to the bay where we played tourists. We stumbled upon a boat show and spent a few hours aboard multi-million dollar yachts and ogling a 24 million dollar yacht that we were allowed to touch but not board. We also touched a Bentley. We then made friends with an old lady who totally wanted to hang out with us but she was weird so we got out of there before we got another wingwoman for the night. We went on a romantic lady date, headed back to her house, got ready, started drinking and dancing around the apartment, then headed out to Siesta Key. We left our dignity at home, but kept our morals :) We met up with some of her friends from work, had a drink until they turned the lights off on us at the bar, and went to the beach club. The Beach Club is a blur to me, but I know I had a great time. We met up with friends and ended the night on the beach. I fell and scraped/bruised my leg up really badly and had a freak out in the car, but I'm fine. Just being dramatic. I also peed behind a bush; not my finest moment, but it was 4 am and we had a 20 minute drive and I had to go. At least I announced "No one touch me, I'm disgusting" when I exited. Don't judge me.
Favorite tweets of the night: 

Surprisingly we were able to get up and out of bed before noon AND we were out of the house by 1. go us! We planned on going to the beach just to sit for a little bit and then have a Sunday Funday. Well, we were ill prepared for the beach. We didn't wear swimsuits because it was chilly, but we also didn't bring anything to sit on... we met up with some friends and it was a lot of fun. We went to lunch and then Kel and I went to the Drum Circle which happens every Sunday on Siesta Key. It was AMAZING! So many people bring their drums and instruments and dance around as the sun sets. It was gorgeous and just so much fun! Kel and I went to the Daiquri Deck and caught the tail end of happy hour. We shared some yummy daiquiris and then caught up with some friends to watch the games! We went home early (A WONDERFUL DECISION) and went to sleep super early. 
Favorite tweets of the night:

Sarasota was sad I was leaving today because we woke up and it was rainy. I was bummed to be leaving and VERY exhausted, but that just means I'll have to go back sometime soon! I went to Clearwater Aquarium to see Winter from the movie Dolphin Tale, but not without hitting some snags in the way. I stopped to get gas and my door wouldn't shut. Thankfully some old man (Sarasota is full of them) saw me struggling and helped me fix my door. I made it to the aquarium, but then my door wouldn't shut again. The man in the parking lot who was parking people did not know what he was doing, so I had to drive down the street to the gas station, holding my door shut and trying to maneuver the vehicle at once. The guy at the gas station fixed it really quickly and for free, so hopefully I have no more issues with it. The aquarium was fun; it didn't really look much like anything in the movie, but I got to see a presentation with Winter and it was cool. I got home around dinner time and took a power nap. I'm supposed to be doing my homework now, but I'm really watching Switched at Birth and then I'm probably just going to go to bed. I'm EXHAUSTED!

This weekend I survived on very little sleep, very little food, good friends, and a lot of alcohol. Cannot wait to go back!

I feel like this picture is an incredibly accurate description of my weekend: