Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Final Training Runs and Mid-Week Randomness

Training is winding down for the Disney Princess Half Marathon! This week's training plan consists of a 3 mile run, a 2-m pace run, and a 2-mile easy run (which I will complete tomorrow). I finished yesterday's 3-mile training run at a 9:10 pace (which is closer to what I expect to run) and I did today's 2-mile pace run at an 8:30 pace (Who am I? That's speedy for me!!). I think I like running 2 miles even less than I like running three miles because it doesn't seem long enough for me. It honestly feels like I am coming back home as soon as I left the door. Thankfully, I only had to do two of these training runs. It's hard to believe that the half is on Sunday! I've been waiting FOREVER to run it! Getting super excited/nervous :D This morning I was apparently a time-managing wizard, because I managed to do my training run, an ab workout, foam roll my hip flexors and IT band, eat breakfast, check my e-mail, shower, AND get to work on time. That's two days in a row where I've had my life together. Again, who am I?

I have a random assortment of things to share today, all of which are amusing to me. I have zero groceries and am living in carb city this week, which is okay because of my race on Sunday. I spent last weekend in Sarasota and I'm spending this weekend in Orlando, so I'm not bothering to go grocery shopping. I'll go when I get back on Monday...or maybe next Tuesday. We'll see. I also have realized that I have been slacking in the recipe sharing department (we all love pictures of food), so as soon as I go grocery shopping, I'll get back to sharing my meals with you! Remember how I shared my adventures with Europe and I talked about how they made puppets out of pipe cleaners for me? Well, they did it again on Friday, and I found this little gem by my feet this morning. It was a nice start to my day, since none of the students I work with did what they're supposed to do and I gave out a lot of poor grades today.

The swelling of my knee has gone down quite a bit and my scabs are starting to peel (gross), but my leg is starting to look better. The picture I took of it today was kind of grotesque, so here's a picture of the healing process that I took yesterday. Don't be a klutz.

I have also decided to update my Twitter description and to make my Twitter public so that I can use it to promote my blog. If you don't mind me being a little ridiculous/occasionally drunk/sharing links to my blog, you should follow me :D My Twitter update is now slightly hilarious (in my opinion), because of one little gem.

If you didn't find the hidden gem, here's a hint from Halloween 2011:

If you still didn't figure it out, then have someone else come to the computer and look at these pictures, cause you'll lose it (I hope) when you figure it out.

Since my So, You want to be a runner? blog post was really popular the other day, I have a similar post planned for Friday. It's not on running, but I hope it's on another topic that many of you will be interested in! I know that I'm interested in it :D Stay tuned!

What are your random thoughts of the day? What was your workout for the day?

Happy Wednesday!