Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Free Froyo Day!

I got up earlier than normal today to get my 5 miles in before the handy-man came to fight the monster under my sink and so that I could get to AVID on time. My sink has been leaking for a couple of months, but it was never anything bad until a couple weeks ago, when I went to pull out some garbage bags and under the sink was soaked. It took me a while to pinpoint the leaks, but once I did, I got the handyman out here to fix it for me. Turns out it was leaking where the water hose for the ice maker attaches to the sink and then there was another hose that was leaking as well. So far, there have been no more leaks! Thanks, Ralph and Roxanne!

This was my beautiful, delicious, post-run breakfast. Oatmeal with natural peanut butter, a banana, strawberries, blueberries, and slivered almonds. Holy. Yum.

Another motivation My real motivation for finishing my 5-miles this morning was because it's free Froyo day at Menchie's! So..I had frozen yogurt for dinner, don't hate me cause you ain't me! It's also my best friend's birthday, and since she's in IL and I'm here, I decided to eat more frozen yogurt on her behalf. Be jealous! Here's a photo of my healthy SUPER DELICIOUS dinner! I had red velvet, dulce de leche, and cake batter froyo topped with sno-caps, wet walnuts, strawberries, kiwi, cookie dough bites, dark chocolate raspberry cups, and heath bar pieces. Culinary genius :D

My life has been lacking a little bit in the sitcom department, but I think I just need to attach a video camera/microphone to myself so that you can see/hear some of the ridiculous things I see and do. Other than the fact that the lil old Irish lady who works as our secretary announcing that she is a Catfish, nothing too exciting has been going on. I do hope that she was being honest and that Nev and the MTV crew show up; I'll keep you posted. But, today is Wednesday, which means tomorrow is Thursday, which means chances are high that I'll have something hilarious to share. The dating/guy department has been a little silly though: one guy told me he lost his license in a DUI years ago and that he hasn't bothered to get it back, and another guy asked me to do cocaine with him. Both of these guys were put together, have jobs, and seemed like nice guys beforehand. Hopefully, I'll weed out the bad ones and get some good ones in the near future ;) I think I want to be single until AT LEAST my birthday, unless someone amazing comes around and sweeps me off my feet ;)

What did you have for dinner? What's the most ridiculous first date you've had?