Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Life Full of Awesome (and Awkward) Moments

Since my grumpy IT band has had me in a little bit of a sad slump these last few days (don't worry, I've been cross-training like a boss), I have spent some time reflecting on my super awesome (and sometimes awkward) moments in my life. Let's start with the awkwards.

My life these last six months has become one awkward moment with the opposite sex. Most of these moments occur at the bar, with men telling me that I'm attractive (a plus) but going about it in such a weird way. For example, I had a man tell me that he liked my slouchy hat, and when I thanked him, he told me that I looked like Toadstool from Mario Brothers, but in a super cute way (still trying to figure that one out):
Thanks, bro? [source]
I have also had a guy have to get psyched up to talk to me (I observed it happening), and when he finally came up to talk to me, he told me he was too good to go to school where I went to undergrad, so I took my free beer and walked away in a true diva style. I've also gone on some awkward dates/hangouts. One date was with this guy who was really nice, but not really my type. I decided to give him a chance. Well, during drinks, he told me that he lost his license to a DUI about 4 years ago and hasn't bothered to get it back. How the heck did he expect to take me on more dates!?! I also had another guy tell me that he had a warrant out for his arrest in another state. Cool.. My favorite one is a guy who I had a HUGE crush on after my ex and I broke up. That ended when this guy asked me to do cocaine with him someday. Apparently, I lost all judgment when it came to men because I had been out of the dating pool for three years. Oops. Yesterday, I hung out with a guy from Holland, and I'm not really sure what that situation was. I had met him a couple weeks ago and spoke to him for a short bit before I left. I saw him last Saturday, he remembered my name, and he asked for my number. He also made some other comments that made me think he was interested in me. We met up on campus yesterday around lunchtime. I thought we would get a casual lunch and that this would be a "pre-date" to assess if we wanted a real date. Well, we ended up just walking around on his break and chit-chatting, but it was totally awkward. I think he felt awkward because English isn't his first language, but he laughed at inappropriate places and laughed at things I told him about myself that were not ridiculous (i.e. I didn't tell him about my love of pickles or my crippling fear of horses). We ended things on a friendly note and he lingered just a little too long, but today his texts don't seem like he's interested? Maybe it's just because he's foreign, or maybe I'm just too weird to love. Either way, I'm not upset about it. I actually live for awkward moments.

Even though my life is full of sitcom moments (hence the name of this blog), it is also full of amazing moments that I do not take time to reflect on and enjoy. Here's a minor list of things I am thankful for and reasons I am blessed:
1. Parents who have never told me "no." My parents have 100% supported me in everything that I do and have never told me that I couldn't chase my dream. I told them I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was five years old and they nurtured and encouraged that all through K-12. When it came time to go to college, they sent me away to South Carolina so I could pursue my degree in marine biology. When I was the first to graduate from college (with a degree in marine bio) in December 2011, they couldn't have been prouder of me. In August, they helped me move to Florida to pursue my Masters degree. They have been an unfaltering support system throughout the years and I am so lucky to have parents like them.

2. Best friends located all over the country and the world. I have been lucky to meet a lot of people from a lot of different places. I am always happy to come back to my best friends from high school as well as to have best friends in Canada and Germany. How awesome is my life that I can share in different cultures and still maintain contact with these people? 

3. Island Dolphin Care. Island Dolphin Care is such a healing place and I am so lucky to have been a part of it (and continue to be a part of it). IDC helped heal me when I was going through hell, and I am happy to announce that I will be conducting my research for my thesis there :D I will be developing marine science programs that will hopefully turn into a program that will allow me to become a full-time employee.

4. Failure. Without failure, we would never know success! I am thankful for failed relationships, heartbreak, and failed runs, etc. Failure has actually set me free and has allowed me to become the woman I am today. These last six months have been amazing and have helped me to discover a new side of me. 
5. Running. Even though I've taken a few days off from it, I am thankful for running. I am thankful for the freedom it gives me, the relief it gives me, and the lessons it has taught me about limits, both mental and physical. Running has helped me to develop a positive mindset and I would be lost without it. 
6. Life. I'm just thankful to have this life. I am 22 years old, live in Florida in a gorgeous condo, have had experiences with sea turtles and dolphins, am teaching in Costa Rica this summer, get paid to teach in 3 different settings, have amazing friends, have amazing siblings, parents, and friends, and I wake up every morning. What more could I ask for?

What makes your life awesome? Have you had any awkward moments lately?