Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Treadmill Workout And Sweet Potato and Black Bean Pockets

Yesterday, it was freezing in Florida, and my house is super drafty, so I couldn't warm up enough to justify running outside. I decided that instead of throwing in the towel, I would attempt a treadmill workout. Well guys, I survived! I only did 20 minutes, but I switched it up enough that my brain didn't explode from boredom and that is a success in itself.  Here's the workout I did!

It's not exciting by any means and I'm not speedy, so if you use it, you may need to adjust it based on your speeds! 6.5 mph is a slower pace for me and is very maintainable, but I'm trying to take it easy so as not to aggravate my IT band. I really liked doing the sprints, and I think I could have held out for longer, but one minute was enough for yesterday's workout. I think I might add more sprints on my next workout. I did a short arm workout and some lunges before I went on with the rest of my day.

Since I've been so slack with posting new recipes lately, I created a brand new one last night and wanted to share it. It was delicious and I did most of the prep work before I left for class so that I could pop them in the oven when I got home. Here is the recipe for some delicious Sweet Potato and Black Bean pockets:

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Pockets

2 Sweet Potatoes
1/2 Cup black beans
1 package Big & Flaky Pillsbury rolls

Microwave the sweet potatoes for 2 minutes to soften them up so that they are easier to peel. Let stand for 10 minutes and peel. Boil or microwave (for 3 more minutes) until potatoes are soft enough to mash. Mash your sweet potatoes. Unroll the Pillsbury dough and separate the triangles. Spread mashed sweet potatoes onto the dough and add black beans (as many as you'd like). Roll the dough from the wide part towards the center, sealing the edges together. Take the narrow end of the roll and roll it over your fat, sealed ball of sweet potatoes and black beans. Repeat for the rest! You'll get about 8 little ones out of it. Bake for 20 or so minutes at 350 degrees and enjoy!

I ate mine as the main course and threw together a nice spinach salad with cucumbers, onion, carrots, cottage cheese, and sundried tomatoes.They were super yummy, and not a bad creation for coming out of my brain. Anyone else notice that I like using biscuits for holding other foods and not as regular biscuits? Apparently, I like to share workouts I've created alongside my biscuit recipes, because that's what I did last time, too (I noticed when I clicked the link).

On an ending note, it seems like all of my blogger friends have been on the same wave-length as me lately and have been sharing motivational posts or posts that provide insight and guidance for me. I'm still as confused as I was on Tuesday, but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that I need to be patient and follow my heart. There are people in my life who are being very negative about the situation, so when I try and talk to them, I shut down immediately when I feel like they have stopped listening. However, there have been some people in my life who tell me to follow my heart and say they will support me no matter what. And thank you all for dealing with my vagueness and offering your kind words and messages :D

I want to share the best part of my run this morning. When I was getting close to the end, I ran past an old man who stopped what he was doing, put his broom down, and clapped loudly and yelled "Good Morning!" as I passed by. If you're feeling frustrated or down today, just think of that old man clapping and cheering for you, and I guarantee you will have a better day!

Happy Thursday! Stay safe...I know I need a drink (or 12)