Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Downside of Being a Planner

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I am a huge planner. Things usually get done how I want them and I am not afraid to admit that. I have gotten better, but being in total control is something that I am still working out. Last night I hadn't planned on going out, but when a friend told me it was her birthday this weekend, I had to go out! I went out a little earlier than she did. I was wearing my hot pants (on a side note, if I never had to wear normal jeans, I would be so happy) and had already gotten a lot of weird compliments, my favorite being "Rachel, you have some huge legs in those pants. Do you work out?" by the time my friend got there.
The amount of selfies I take has increased exponentially thanks to Instagram
We hung out a little bit and I went home relatively early because I knew that even though I went out, I had to do a long run today. As I was leaving the bar, I got a text message from the very person who has been my source of confusion these last two weeks. By the time I got home, the text message had turned into a conversation, which turned into another hour of conversation, which ended in an hour phone call. Being the planner that I am, I knew that this would happen and I did not want to have that conversation last night, if ever. One of my issues with being a planner is that I think WAY too far ahead, but what I predict is going to happen, usually does. I'd like to say that because I am very in tune with myself, others, and what's going on around me, I have a pretty good idea about what's going to happen. I'm psychic (kidding). But because I was planning way too far ahead and expressing my fears, I got upset. I didn't want to get upset. Like I said, I didn't even want to have that conversation. Our phone conversation turned from one addressing the issues to a normal conversation, which I think spells trouble for us. I ended up going to bed at 4:30 my long run didn't happen today. We are both in a time of confusion right now (for different reasons) and it's scary to see how quickly and how easily we can fall back into our old routine. I'm trying to be patient and not plan ahead or overanalyze anything, but I'm interested to see how this plays out. That's another downside of being a planner. I'm always so excited and so anxious for the end result that I sometimes forget to live and enjoy the journey to get there. I think I've gotten way better with that these past six months because I've been having a blast and have had so many amazing experiences, but it took my world being turned upside down for me to be able to do that.

However, now that my morning routine has been screwed up, I'm feeling a little anxious because it's warm outside (a little warmer than I'd like even for a short run) and I haven't done a workout. I don't really want to do an in-home workout, but I can't ride my bike because someone stole it from under my porch. It's a dilemma. Let's hope the rest of my day does as planned. I'm hosting dinner "party" number one tonight (where I'm attempting a homemade veggie pot pie) and I'm hosting another dinner party tomorrow, so I have a lot of prep work to do for both! Wish me luck!

Happy Saturday!

Are you a planner? What was your Saturday workout?

And ps. I recognize I've been complaining (sort of) lately, so here's this to laugh at: