Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Namesake of This Blog Emerges, A New Resolution, & A Green Recipe

For the most part, I am really easy going, sweet, and friendly, but yesterday, I was a total Undercover Diva for some parts of the day. My day started out normally with a 6 mile run, where some woman sketchily rode her bike very close to me for the last 1.5 miles and every time she gained enough speed to pass me, she would slow down so that she was behind me. She was most definitely following me, which was bizarre because I was running in a high-traffic area and she was riding on the opposite side of my iPhone, so I'm not sure what she wanted. I decided to play it safe and run past the parking lot so she couldn't see my car, and as she got closer to me, I quickly turned around and sprinted in the opposite direction. She turned to follow, but I think she realized that I caught onto her and she continued in the other direction. Bizarre, but bizarre things happen to me every day, so I didn't think much of it, other than to tell my mom what had happened. I stopped at Party City on the way home to pick up some things for St. Patrick's Day next weekend, then I went home, refueled, did chores, and waited for a friend to come over.

My friend and her puppy stayed for a couple hours, then all hell broke loose and my Diva came out. I have had my eye on the Yonanas! machine for the last six months, and yesterday I remembered that I have a ton of coupons and a gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond, but I couldn't find it at ALL. I have zero idea where they are. Strike one for Rachel. In my rummaging, I came across something sentimental from the ex (Strike two for Rachel), which made me sad for a few minutes, so I went to Target. Isn't it funny how you can be over someone and not have been sad for a long time, but something small can bring back happy memories and make you sad? Don't worry, it was short lived!! On my way to Target, I stopped at the ATM to deposit a check that came in the mail, but I somehow forgot my PIN number and got locked out of the ATM, so I had to electronically deposit my check from my phone (First World Problems). Strike three for Rachel. By the time I got to Target, I was in a foul mood, so when my mom called me, she got the brunt of it (Sorry, Momma!) I did end up buying a pair of neon yellow tights at Target, and Chris and Brooke called me and asked me to come to dinner, so I figured things were looking up. We went out for Mexican, ate our body weight in chips, salsa, and queso, and had two pitchers of mango margaritas. Then, our food came. I had ordered chile relleno enchiladas stuffed with cheese and mushrooms. When I took a couple bites, however, I noticed that there were bits of ground beef inside of the enchiladas. Needless to say, as a vegetarian, I stopped eating right there. Strike four for Rachel. It then took the waiter 10 years to come back to our table, so even if I had wanted a replacement meal, I never would have gotten one because he didn't come back until the end of the meal. Oh well, at least I got the meal for free and only had to pay for booze and cheese ;) (Does that eliminate one of my strikes from the day?) We then went home and got ready to go to Main Street for their anniversary party. We decided to create our own 90s party because I wanted to wear my highlighter yellow tights, so the three of us looked amazing and totally stood out even more than we usually do while we're dancing (BTW Chris and Brooke are amazing dancers, so anyone who wants to come to Melbourne to dance, holla atcha girl). I ended up seeing a guy I had a thing with, and he was giving very mixed signals so I was getting very frustrated. At the end of the night, I exited in a very melodramatic fashion and proceeded to respond very bluntly to his texts and was being overall ridiculous. Oops (an apology has been issued this morning). Strike five for Rachel. I am normally very open, honest, and blunt, but last night I was just over-the-top. It wasn't anything that caused a scene at the bar, but it was enough for all of us involved to realize that I was being a little ridiculous. However, no one but myself called me out on it...  I'm going to blame the alcohol, but it really was just a volatile combination of my diva side, my rough day, and my alcohol indulgence. Excuses don't fix everything, but at least he's going back to Ireland next week so he won't have to deal with that again, right? It was very out of character for me, and he knows that, but I still feel guilty. I'm feeling more like myself today, though, so thank goodness!

Chris and Brooke have taken a pledge to drink less and workout more. I have already been doing additional workouts as part of Lent, but I do drink a lot. I'm going to cut back to one night of indulgence and hold myself to 0-2 drinks on the other night(s) I go out. This is a change for me, if you know me (or if you follow me on Twitter). I think this will help me shed the extra 3-5 pounds I've gained the last couple of months, so wish me luck. I figure if I declare it on the blog, it will make me more accountable!

Now for a new recipe! I have been seriously slacking lately in this department, and I'm sorry. I'm still eating yummy food, but nothing that I have felt the need to share! I had broccoli that was going to go bad soon, so this morning I made broccoli pesto in honor of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday! It was simple and my sample of it tasted so yummy! I am freezing it until next Sunday, though, so it doesn't go bad and I plan on using it on my Pots of Gold and Shamrock Raviolis that I picked up from Sam's Club.

Broccoli Pesto
1 head of broccoli, chopped
Olive oil (varies)
Salt and Pepper, to taste

Add chopped broccoli, salt and pepper, and 1/4 tbsp of olive oil to a food processor. Process until broccoli and olive oil are coarsely combined and sticking to the side. Use a spatula to push combination back towards the blade and add more olive oil. Process and repeat until the broccoli pesto becomes pasty. Enjoy!

I think this would be great on pasta, sandwiches, or mashed potatoes!

I have added this to the Pinterest board for easy pinning! Happy Sunday!