Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Weirdness with my IT Band and Shaking Up My Workout Routine

We're gonna start with some sad news. Nugget, the raccoon I rescued, didn't make it :( At least he was warm, loved, and cared for in his last moments. RIP lil Nugs.

Now, onto business. My IT band has been bothering me off and on lately. I foam roll, ice, and stretch excessive amounts, but I have only gotten temporary relief. Saturday, after dancing on Friday night, I could only run two miles before I felt a twinge of pain. I headed home and did yoga and foam rolling and felt a lot better Sunday. I went for my normal run on Monday and felt great when I got home. I iced my hip (because that's where it's been bothering me), and when I removed the ice, I noticed that a six-inch long area of my hip (from below the hip bone to just past the joint, on my right side) was hard, swollen, and red. This lasted for roughly 18 hours, and was virtually gone when I went for a run this morning. I only ran 1.5 miles this morning and did some foam rolling with I came home, and I haven't noticed any issues with it. My hip is still very tight and is tender in some spots, but the swollenness/firmness has gone away. It is definitely not a rash, but I was hoping someone could help me out? WebMD has me convinced it's either bursitis (inflammation of the bursae along the hip) or some disease. I'm leaning towards the bursitis. Below is a picture of hip anatomy and what I'm experiencing:

From the arrow indicating the IT tract to the bursae is the area where I'm experiencing tightness/tenderness. That's also the area where the redness/inflammation was. I haven't taken any prolonged rest periods since the Princess Half, where I took a week off from running (but not from other exercises). The irritation started up after that rest period. I am taking today, Wednesday, as an impromptu rest day because I woke up and my hip was bothering me. All advice would be greatly appreciated! If you want a terribly awkward photo of the situation, I will be happy to provide one ;)

On another note, I'm looking to shake up my workout routine, especially if I have to take time off from running. I HATE workout DVDs, but I'm debating trying some out. I also haven't found an exercise routine that makes me feel as amazing as running does, so that kind of limits my options. Here are my top contenders (based on reviews that I've seen on myfitnesspal and on Amazon):

I am open to suggestions about workouts besides DVDs or I would love DVD suggestions from people who formerly hated at-home workouts and got into them. I am looking to tone up and get rid of my lil gut! I just want to break my body out of the running rut that I think it's in and become a better runner!

I have a rendezvous with the opposite sex this afternoon, and if it goes really well I will be reporting back. Also, if it goes Undercover Diva:A Sitcom-style, as my life usually does, be sure that I'll be reporting all the comedic happenings for your enjoyment.

How do you handle an injury? How long do you give your body to rest and recover?

Happy Wednesday! Happy First Day of Spring!