Saturday, April 6, 2013

Laptops, Leggings, and Lobsters

Yesterday was a big and busy day for me! I have been in the market for a new laptop for a couple of months because my parents want a way to Skype with me when I'm in Costa Rica for a couple weeks and my old computer didn't support that capability. Also, while my old computer worked great and I got all of my assignments done, I wasn't able to open a lot of files from professors nor could I watch videos. It was starting to slow down as well, but I was hoping to make it through the semester. My charger did not want that to be the case. The cord began fraying about a month ago and worked fine after I had taped it, but the last few days, the cord would only charge the computer when it was sitting at a certain angle. Yesterday morning, the charger wasn't working at all and since I still have three more weeks left in the semester, I took a trip to Orlando, with MQD, to visit the Apple store for a new MacBook. I took out excess financial aid this semester for this specific purchase, so that's the only reason I was able to afford it. I am officially poor again.

We started out with lunch at Mellow Mushroom, where I had the BEST mushroom pizza ever. I loved Mellow Mushroom when I lived in Myrtle Beach, so I was so excited when we found out that there was a Mellow Mushroom in Orlando. This Mellow Mushroom also had a tree growing through the building... insane! It was so cool. The booth dividers were also made of sand art. Seriously, so cool.

Then, we headed to the Florida Mall to visit the Apple store! We spent about 2 hours in the Apple store with the representative. He was so patient, knowledgeable, funny, and answered all of my questions. I was torn between the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air and he let me play with both, compare them side by side, sit down with them both on my lap, and change my mind a million times. Ultimately, I decided on the MacBook Air and I LOVE it!

After we left the Apple store, we wandered around the largest Forever 21 I have ever seen. I didn't end up getting anything, but there were so many options! I just couldn't decide on anything and since my credit card was already sad because I spent all of my money, I just chose not to buy anything because nothing was really calling my name. That changed at Hot Topic, however. If you read my blog or know me at all, you know that I love wearing weird pants and would never wear real pants if I had to. I left with both of these leggings. Don't judge.

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MQD LOVES Goodwill and I never have good luck, but since the headquarters for Central Florida was so close by, we took a trip there. I tried a few things on but I didn't like anything. The story wasn't the same for MQD! She left with quite a few shirts and a stuffed lobster that she fell in love with. She had bought it for a friend's baby, but during the drive home, she decided that the baby isn't getting it and that she's going to keep it. I think that's a great decision because the lobster is so cute!

As you can see, yesterday was a great day overall! I had a great night last night as well, with it ending with a stranger stopping me on the street to tell me that he thinks I am so beautiful and he thanked me for brightening his evening. We also broke into the hot tub at Chris and Brooke's apartment complex, which basically put me to sleep on the ride home, but I slept like a baby last night! :D

I am joining Brooke's (not B from Chris and Brooke) Beach Body Challenge and will be posting about my experience with it/my results, so if you're interested in joining, head over to Running In Heels and check it out!

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