Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Run for Boston", April 22, 2013

I realize it's been a week since I last wrote, but last week, I did not have much to say in light of all of the tragedies in our country. There were so many other bloggers who could put my emotions into words better than I can, so I decided to keep to myself and spend some time with friends and loved ones.

I had spent the weekend in Miami with my brother and his friends, and although I had planned on running, I never did. In fact, I haven't really worked out since Wednesday. I drove home yesterday at 8:30 am, and since I planned on going to the Run for Boston 2.62 Fun Run/Walk at Running Zone last night, I just waited to do my workout until that run.

 I'm so incredibly happy I went to the run. I got there at 6:15, 15 minutes before the run started and there was NO WHERE to park! The crowd was enormous!

The coordinator made a few announcements, said a prayer for Boston, held a moment of silence, and then we all sang the National Anthem. Two police officers blocked traffic for our group so that we could safely cross the street. I brought my phone to take some pictures, but I didn't listen to any music. I didn't need it. As I passed other runners, they shouted words of encouragement. I ended up inadvertently pacing a man and having a short conversation with him before he fell behind. When I saw the finish line, I sprinted towards it and gave it all I got. There was already a small group that had finished and they were cheering on the runners as they passed the finish line. It was amazing! I was really emotional when I crossed the finish line. The sea of blue and yellow that surrounded me as I ran was indescribable. So many people honked at us as we ran by. I'm so incredibly happy that I participated in this event, and I can't wait to participate in another event like this. My next "Run for Boston" event will be the Virtual 5k on June 15. If you know of any other national events before that, let me know, please!

Did you participate in a "Run for Boston" event yesterday? How far was it?