Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Taking off Running"

The response of the running community in light of the events at Boston has been overwhelming. I know I have tried to express what running and the community means to me, but I can't. Even after we have all bonded together, I cannot put into words how it feels to be a part of this community. My twitter feed has been filled with nothing but news of Boston, pictures of runners in race t-shirts and/or blue and yellow, and inspirational photos and quotes. This picture in particular speaks to me, and I borrowed it from OliveToRun's post on Boston:

In both a metaphorical and literal sense, the running community has taken off running. Multiple events have popped up, such as the Boston Walk-A-Thon (thanks to my cousin for sharing this with me, and then to The Hungry Runner girl for sharing it when I passed it on!) and a Run For Boston 5k in Chicago in June (Thanks hungryrunnergirl for sharing this one! They're also holding a virtual event on that same day). Many photos of runners wearing race shirts surface (I even made it onto a collage!) surfaced, and I was beaming with pride to be a part of this amazing community.

I woke up yesterday, threw on a tech shirt, laced up my shoes, and went outside --no music, no GPS. It was incredibly emotional. It was hot, but I pushed through because I was running for something bigger than I am. I had tears in my eyes for the majority of my run and I got fired up to fight for my fellow runners and for those who were affected by this tragedy. I saw my fellow runners wearing blue or wearing race shirts. However, I didn't see too many people outside of my run at work or school (besides the known runners) wearing blue/yellow or race shirts. This is not just a runners tragedy, and I think all of the American people should be involved and express themselves! I'm not saying those who are not showing outward support are hurting less than I am. Please wear your blue and yellow or race shirts today and the rest of the week to show solidarity and unity as a nation.

Today, I am taking off running in a literal sense. I woke up this morning with heavy legs, and while I still would have been able to run, I decided against it. I don't want to run just to run. I want to go out there and be strong for Boston. I want to run hard for Boston. So, I'm going to spend today doing yoga and cross-training so that when I return to running with fresh legs, I can run my hardest.