Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Very Rude Wake-Up Call

I went to my second strength training class last night, and we did all bodyweight exercises. At the end of the class, I looked like this:

Dead, but still smiling

I love this class, but I seem to always be the sweatiest one in the class and the class KILLS me. Apparently, running and being a half marathoner does NOT mean that you are in shape. Very rude awakening. At the end, when we did burpee-mountain climber burnouts and I almost vomited. It was that good. We did 5 series of pushups, abs (these workouts changed), mountain climbers, body squats, lunges, single leg balances, and planks. Once we finished these five series, we did the burpee-mountain climber burnouts: a series of 5, followed by 4,3,2,1. I was the last to finish because I was dying, but I finished! During our last sets of planks, my elbows kept slipping because I was so disgusting. I was dripping sweat onto the floor, but the trainer was nice and said "I think I read somewhere that people who are in shape sweat more than those who are not in shape." If that's true, then I must not be in that bad of shape because I always am disgusting during my runs or workouts. 

After I got home, I foam rolled, but my little legs are SUPER sore! Today is most definitely a rest day. I invited the trainers out for a beer tonight, so we'll see if they show up. I'm really looking forward to class next week! 

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What is your favorite bodyweight exercise?
---Mine is planks, by far.