Saturday, May 4, 2013

Becoming a Speed Demon and I Need Your Help!

It's getting hot in Florida and when it's already 80 degrees with high humidity at 7 am, I get discouraged about going for runs longer than 3-5 miles. That being said, I have decided I want to use this summer to focus on becoming a faster runner and working on my core to make me a better runner. That being said, it seems like I'm going to be forced to use a treadmill. We all know how I feel about treadmills:

BUT on Monday, I somehow survived 30 minutes on the treadmill, with 15 minutes of speed work. I adapted this workout to my running capabilities and needs. I think I could have run faster and harder than I did on Monday, but it was a start and now I know where to push myself. Here's the workout that I did (sorry for the terrible presentation):
I know that 30 minutes is NOTHING compared to what those of you who use the treadmill often do, but it was a great accomplishment for me! I may have done a little of this:

And this also happened:
Yes, bottom right is my sweat on the treadmill. Sorry, treadmill. I'm gross.

So, I need your help with more speed workouts for the treadmill, please! Anyone who does not hate the treadmill and who would be willing to send me their workouts, I would greatly appreciate it! I'm hoping to be faster than I am now (currently an 8:30-9:20 mile, depending on distance/day) and more consistent in my pacing! Especially because I saw this medal for the 5k I'm running and I need to place to win I need to get faster/consistent:

My next race isn't until September (5k), then I have a 10-miler in October, and I'm looking to possibly run this half at the end of October if I can find someone to run with me! I definitely want to beat my half marathon time at the Disney Princess Half next year.

If you could help me out with workouts, that would be great!

Do you love or hate the treadmill? Do you do your speed work inside or outside?