Monday, May 6, 2013

Healthy Living and Social Media

Last Thursday, I was interviewed by my friend Shane (we graduated from Coastal together) who works for News 13 in South Carolina. During the interview, Shane asked me questions about how social media affected my desire to get healthy and how it influences my desire to stay healthy. The interview broadcasted on Friday and Shane sent me the link to the interview on Saturday morning. If you want to see me look really awkward (and bad on camera), click here. Shane did a really great job writing the accompanying article!

My favorite quote was from the CCU professor who was interviewed and said "People who have the most success are those who have a good support group." That is something I agree with majorly! I actually wrote about surrounding yourself with positivity when I first started the blog and again when I wrote about running. Being a part of the blogging/healthy living/running community has definitely helped me stay on track and has taught me a lot of new things about food, form, etc. I've also made a lot of good friends :D It's amazing how much social media influences our behavior, both positively and negatively.

Again, here's the article if you're interested in reading it/seeing me be awkward:

Speaking of community, here are a couple of challenges that are going on in the blogging world:

A Mom Runs This Town - #FamilyFitnessMonth
---This is a challenge to get the entire family involved in some sort of fitness related activity every day during the month of May! Emma is awesome, so I suggest you check it out!

OliveToRun - #runfree4me
----Cori is challenging all runners to run GPS free (or tracking app free) for some runs during the month of May. This is a way to reduce our dependency on technology and just enjoy our runs and listen to our bodies. I've done two runs like this so far and it's great! Head on over there and check it out!!

And in case you missed my post on Saturday, I need your help!!

How does social media influence your fitness?