Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Don't Live Here: Sarasota

I know my weekend recap is late, but I had my guest post and giveaway post planned already and decided to wait on my weekend recap! I went to Sarasota for Memorial Day Weekend (or as I was referring to it: Memorial Drunk Weekend), but if you follow me on Twitter, you already knew that. The last two times I have gone to Sarasota, I have left with wounds all over my legs and a lot of silly tweets. This weekend was relatively mild compared to those first two weekends, but they were still out of control.

I got to Sarasota before noon on Saturday, so Kelly, her friend Danielle, and I headed to Publix to get the essentials for the weekend: booze and snacks. Somehow we spent $75 between the three of us, but we didn't get anything substantial. When we got back to Kelly's place, we grilled up the Jalapeño and Garlic Chickpea and Lentil burgers I prepared last week. Thank goodness for grill master Danielle, because she saved the burgers. If you follow this recipe, I would suggest putting tin foil down onto the grill, and re-smashing the burgers together after you flip them (they will fall apart). We melted cheese on top of ours after we flipped them and that helped hold the burgers together. They were AWESOME!

We lounged by the pool a while, where we had some pretty interesting conversations that resulted in quotes like this:

Kelly had to go to work and I was going to meet her at work a little later, so I did what any normal person would do, had a shower beer and took a power nap. When I got to Kelly's work, I ate all the food and drank all the free drinks.

 Pomegranate and Pineapple Martini #fancybitch

 Watermelon Mojito #morefancybitch

Bar popcorn. I don't know what was on it, but it was amazing. I could definitely taste caramel and chili powder, I think. 

Because I was sitting alone, I made some interesting observations, per recorded by Twitter. 

Kelly had brought glow sticks to wear, and I have decided that glow stick headbands are 100% going to be my new trend. I was the only one wearing one and I think I could rock it all day, everyday. 

What do you guys think?

My motto for the weekend became "I don't live here" any time someone would look at me with judgey eyes. I was dancing around and having a great time, but some of Kelly's guy friends were looking at me like I was crazy. I don't live here...I do what I want ;) Danielle, Kelly, and I were so sweaty from dancing, we honestly looked like we had run 6 miles at the end of the night. Disgusting. I fell asleep with my glow stick headband know, in case Kelly lost me in her apartment in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. When I woke up on Sunday, my hair was wild, so I just kept wearing my glow stick headband to the beach. 

On Sunday, Kelly's friend Brandon invited us to a party at the beach. Kel and I knew that it would be busy, so we got there about 10:30 am, after we stopped at Panera to fuel for the beach. We waited 45 minutes for a parking spot, but as soon as we got to the beach, we started drinking. We were hoping to make it until sundown for the drum circle, and we did. If you noticed a lull in my tweets/instagrams/pictures on Facebook, it's because I was too busy drinking and having a good time. I'm not mad about that ;) There was a fight on the beach, though, and the cops came, but other than that, it was great. I fell down in the sand three times...twice because Kelly tackled me. I'm still digging sand out of my ears 4 days later. I'm pretty sure that I have sand in my brain. 

We made it until sundown, when we went to dinner and were just being ridiculous. I was a little tipsy still at this point, and my sister was sending me these GIFs of cats that she had found on Facebook. She had to have sent me 20 in a 10 minute period. Kelly and I couldn't handle it. We then had a fashion show:

Sorry that my hair looks disgusting...I hadn't washed it in 36 hours. Sorry for partying.

We went out after that to Daiquiri Deck, where Kelly and I were crashing from such a long day, but we rallied and had a great time. I was dancing on all of these random people without them knowing and it became my little game. We also got some pretty fun tweets out of that:

I have a pretty tender foot, but I didn't step on anything and there's nothing sticking out of it. I was also very sober at this point, so I know I didn't forget that something happened to me. I also showered for the first time in 36 hours when we got home. Sorry I'm disgusting, but I don't live here.

On Monday, we woke up at 8:30, but slept on and off until 12, when we got up, went to Trader Joe's and got lunch before I left. I ate this little slice of heaven:

Thai Vegetable Wrap with 3-bean Mango Salad

I got home at 7 on Monday evening and was debating going out, but when my friends got in touch with me, I was already in bed and had been since 8:30. I was exhausted and I didn't even care that it was still daylight out.

I know I'm late, but how did you spend your Memorial Day Weekend?

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