Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Please Stop Honking at Me, As Told by GIFs

Does anyone else (who runs outside) get really, really annoyed with people who honk at you when they drive past you on your runs? Is it just me? I am no stranger to creepiness, but I don't love it when I get honked at on the side of the road.

Yesterday, I went for a run in my sports bra and shorts because it was 90% humidity at 6:30am and I felt like I was swimming in the air. I'm comfortable (for the most part) in this running ensemble because I think that if I can wear a bikini, why can't I wear a sports bra and shorts? Yes, my tummy is still a little jiggly and yes, I'm not rail thin, but I don't look hideous and I know I'm going to get hot and sweaty, so why not try and be comfortable?

On my run, I passed a man walking on the street and he said "I like your stomach." Now, I'm sure that since my stomach is a little soft, there was probably some jiggly-ness (Is that a word?) so I'm not sure if he was being genuine or insulting. This is how I felt as I kept running:

As I continued my run, I got honked at 5-6 times in the next twenty minutes. I don't understand it. So here's what I'm saying to you (especially the males), if you honk at females (or males) while they are getting their exercise on, STOP NOW. I know you think you're saying:

But what you're really saying is:

And these are my reactions to you. First, I think:

Then, I think:

And the rest of the run is spent with me thinking this after getting honked at by another car:

So here's what I have to say to you honkers: Just stop it. I am not out there running because I need you to validate my attractiveness. I am not out there running because I want to show off my body. I'm not "asking for it" when I am out there running in my sports bra and shorts. I am out there running because I love to run. I run for me, not anyone else, and you honking at me does not make me feel any better. It just makes me mad, and makes me run faster, so in a way, I guess I am benefitting from it because I'm trying to run away from you. I am not training for you, I'm training for me.

The next time you think about honking at me, how about you think about joining a running club so that you can meet a nice lady runner like me and not ruin all your chances of getting my phone number?

End rant.