Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why I'm Single and Will Be #ForeverAlone

Please note, this post is supposed to be humorous. I'm not looking for sympathy, nor do I think I am actually going to be single forever. At age 22, marriage is the last thing on my mind, I'm just looking to expose some of my quirks to my readers! 

Last night, I sat on my couch watching "Cinderella" while eating ice cream directly out of the carton. As I dipped my spoon into my carton, I laughed at myself because I was being the epitome of the "forever alone" girl (but really, I just wanted froyo and no one would go with me, so I was bummed about that). I started reflecting on all of the POSSIBLE reasons that I am single and came up with this list ;) 

I have a weird obsession with the Little Mermaid:

Top Left: Little Mermaid Leggings (pair 1 of 2), top right: Prince Eric and Ariel T-shirt with a Little Mermaid Lanyard, Bottom Left: Mile 3 Marker at Princess Half, Bottom Right: Picture with Ariel while wearing an Ariel Tank Top

I'm already in love with another man:


I look like Justin Bieber:

Sure, Biebs is a feminine looking male, but no guy's gonna wanna date me ;) 

I look like this when I wake up:

Thick/short hair problems

I eat a lot of food:

Seriously, guys comment on the amount of food I can eat. 

I do weird things like let a raccoon live in my house:

While most times I look like this:

Sometimes I look like this, and this is just not socially acceptable:

But, I think the real reason I'm single is because I keep finding guys like this:

When I'm really looking for more guys like this: