Thursday, June 6, 2013

A (Stereotypical Healthy Living Blogger's) Dream Come True

I now have my own frozen yogurt machine.

(Cue angels singing)

I have had my eye on the Yonanas! machine for months now, but somehow lost all of my coupons to Bed, Bath, and Beyond as well as my gift cards. I was really disappointed about that, but figured I would save up/save more coupons and go buy it myself. My mom knew that I wanted it, so she sent me all of her Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons in the hopes that I could use at least one of them to buy my Yonanas! machine. Then, she surprised me.

My mom called me Monday on my way to the gym (Note to everyone out there: When you have a chest infection, 2 workouts in one day is a HORRIBLE idea and you might die. Take it from me). She sounded really serious and said "There's something I've been wanting to tell you," so I did what any normal daughter would do and I panicked in my head. But then she said "Since you've done so well in grad school this year, your dad and I decided that we would buy you a Yonanas! machine, so go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and pick it up." This was my reaction:

Get it? Because J Biebs and I are twins

But really, I did this while trying not to drive off the road:

Because I was essentially dying after my weights class (aka we did sprints and with a chest infection, that's not fun), I just wanted to go home and eat dinner and sleep. So, I stopped by BBB on my way home from work on Tuesday and picked up my beautiful present. You have to let the fruit freeze for at least 24 hours, so unfortunately, I couldn't use it until last night. It was a well deserved treat after my weights class.

I made my frozen yogurt out of 1 banana, 1/2 cup of frozen mango, and 1 cup of frozen strawberries. And I topped it with chocolate chips. Your fruit has to be frozen for 24 hours, but needs to thaw for at least 5 minutes before you put it in the machine. I noticed a difference with how frozen/thawed my fruit was and I definitely needed to let it thaw longer. But, it made an entire low-calorie bowl of froyo!

Yes, my froyo is in a Little Mermaid bowl.

This is an invitation for everyone to come to my house and have some froyo. I won't charge you by the ounce, but you can bring whatever fruit and toppings that you want and we can have a slumber party and braid each others hair and eat tons of froyo ;) 

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Ari, from The Pace of it All, is looking to host a one-time link up called "What's in My Gym bag" next Wednesday, if you're interested. I plan on participating, so it would be awesome if you guys did too! And if you haven't read Ari's blog before, head on over and check her out. She's super sweet.