Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dealing With Discouragement

Last night at my weights class, I was feeling a little discouraged. I didn't show it, but I was definitely feeling a little down on myself when we were doing upper body workouts. Between sets, I was trying to figure out what the root of my issue was, and I pinpointed it: comparison. I was comparing my abilities to the two other people in the class, two other people who have been strength training for a much longer period of time than I had. When I was struggling to bench just the bar, they were making their bench press look easy. As I was comparing myself to these other people, I thought of this quote: 

Why was I comparing myself to these other people when I should have been proud of myself that I was in the class and haven't missed a class the last four weeks? I spent the rest of the class coming up with a positive for every negative thought I had about my abilities throughout that class period. I am proud that:

1. I have already added weight to what I can lift from 4 weeks ago

2. The trainer had to stop me during my "burn-out" on the leg press because I was going for a while and he wanted to move onto the next circuit because everyone else had finished their burn-outs.

3. I am trying.

4. I feel good about myself when I leave the class because I know that I am pushing my limits.

5. No one else is judging me because I can't lift a ton of weight, because no one else cares. 

I left the class feeling much better about myself, and I really began to understand that comparison is our enemy. I am a runner, I can run, and I can do so many things as an athlete that I never thought that I could and that is something that I should be proud of. I am getting stronger, as an athlete and a young woman, and that should be enough. The only person that I should want to be better than today is the person who I was yesterday. 

How do you deal with discouragement? What is one thing you have done that you never thought you could?