Saturday, June 1, 2013

Goals Check-In

As you may remember (or not) I'm participating in Chobani's 10 for 10 goals (but I'm really doing Nine Goals).

Goal Number 2: Do Not Weigh Myself for the Entire Month of May

Well, I did it. I would also be lying to you if I said it was easy. It was incredibly difficult, and I would also be lying to you if I said I do not plan on weighing myself in the next couple of days. I know that the number that is on the scale is just a number, but after a month of not weighing myself, I'm scared that the number is going to be much higher than it was before May started. I'm scared that I am going to step on the scale and see this: 

I think the reason I'm so concerned about weighing myself after this month off is just to make sure that nothing changed. I have a feeling that I'm stressing over nothing and that my weight will have remained the same. If I see the same number, then I'm sure I will be happy and can go without the scale again. Don't think less of me for having these fears, but then again, I wouldn't be being honest if I didn't share them with you.

Goal Number 3: Volunteer More in June 

This should be much easier to accomplish than the scale goal was because I'm done with school so I have a lot more free time. I'm planning on volunteering with Surfers for Autism next weekend and doing some activities at the nature center where I volunteer! If you guys have any suggestions for places that are looking for volunteers, send them my way! For those of you who do not know, I am based out of Central FL.

I've also set two personal goals that I am not sharing on the blog, but I think I can hold myself accountable to them. 

To read how I fared during my first month, April, click here.

What are some goals you have set for yourself? Do you weigh yourself often? How did you get over those fears?

Happy June!! 

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