Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hometown Pride

I had a totally different post planned for today, but in light of the excitement in my hometown last night, I thought I'd do a little reminiscing. Plus, I'm slightly homesick.

For those of you who only know me as a Florida girl, I actually grew up on the Southside of Chicago. Even though I don't live there any longer, and have no immediate plans to ever move back, I will always be a Chicago girl. I miss the food and the city on occasion, and of course, always missing my family and friends. Last night, I get hit with homesickness, hard. Why? Because of this:

The Chicago Blackhawks are the 2013 Stanley Cup Champions! Two Stanley Cup championships in 4 years, which is amazing considering that the last time the Blackhawks won the Stanley cup before 2010 was in 1961. 

I grew up in a Chicago sports house, and while I am not the biggest sports fan, I do really enjoy hockey. My dad and my brother are avid hockey fans and this text I got from my brother (I hope he doesn't get mad at me for sharing it) shows it all:

That being said, I was really excited last night after an intense game (and series), but that celebration was not as fun by myself. Because I live in an area with a lot of East Coasters, I don't have too many Blackhawks fan. Seeing pictures of friends and family celebrating, seeing the streets of Chicago packed, and knowing that the Stanley Cup parade will be soon really made me miss home. I would love to make it home for the parade, but because of work commitments, I can't. Instead, I'll just rep my Chicago Blackhawks gear around Florida and celebrate from afar!

Congratulations on both sides for such a great series, but I am so proud of my boys. They deserve it!

Who watched the game last night? Any other Blackhawks fans?