Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MyOatmeal.com: Custom Blend Review

I recently came across MyOatmeal.com, a website that lets you create custom, healthy oatmeal blends! I don't know if you know this about me, but I LOVE oatmeal so much that sometimes I worry I am an old person. Also, a quote from the website said "I am not a hippie or a zealot, but I respect the earth, its creatures, and God as I understand his influence." If you have been reading a while, then you know that I am definitely an environmentalist, and I love when companies help us to respect our bodies by providing clean ingredients and respect mother nature. The combination of these two factors prompted me to contact MyOatmeal.com to see if I could do an oatmeal review for the readers of Undercover Diva: A Sitcom. Anthony, the founder of MyOatmeal.com, responded immediately and we got set up. It turns out that MyOatmeal.com has only been online for a little over 4 weeks! 

Anthony sent me a discount code that allowed me to get one custom blend of my choice and one bag of PB Lean (review coming at a later time). I also ended up getting a house blend of oatmeal too, but that will be discussed in a later post, as well. There are over 22 billion different combinations (per the website), but I chose 5 grain rolled oats + flax as my base, cookie dough as my flavor, chipped coconut as my fruit, brown sugar as my sweetener (adding sweetener, either at home or when ordering, is recommended if you add a flavor), and pecans and walnuts. The total price for a bag of my custom blend (in my not-so-expert opinion), is less than what I would have paid at the grocery store if I had purchased all of these items separately. I think of it as purchasing from the bulk bin -- you always get a better deal. 

It took less than a week for my products to arrive, and this is what I got! 

The outside of the package has MyOatmeal.com's label on it with nutritional and cooking information on the back.

Pre-cooked oatmeal

The cooking process: After oatmeal was added to microwaved water (top left), after the oatmeal was let sit in the water for 3 minutes (top right), after the oatmeal had been covered and microwaved for 1 minute (bottom left), and how I enjoyed my oatmeal (bottom right).

I usually always cook my oats in the microwave by adding oats and water and microwaving for three minutes, so this was a little more work, but I liked it. My first batch wasn't too cookie-doughy, but I shook the bag up before I used some to make my overnight oats, and I think that helped big time. The next time I ate the cookie dough oatmeal after I shook the bag, the oats were definitely more flavorful. Take my advice and shake your bag before you cook your oats so you get all of the flavor!

I also used the cookie dough oatmeal to make overnight oats. The overnight oats ROCKED! I used coconut milk in my oats, so that made them extra coconut-y, but the flavor was perfect. I definitely think that this is the way I would prefer to eat my custom oatmeal blend!

Left: Raw oats, Middle: After overnight refrigeration, Right: Before eating

One thing I loved (That was not Oatmeal related) is that all of the packaging is recyclable (made my environmental heart smile) and that there are minimal (to none) preservatives. All of the ingredients are good for you and they offer a ton of flavor combinations, so I suggest you check it out and make one that works for you! I will definitely purchase more oatmeal from MyOatmeal.com in the future, I just have to finish all the oatmeal I have in my house right now ;) 

For the next 30 days, MyOatmeal.com will donate 1 lb of oatmeal (for every pound of oatmeal sold at MyOatmeal.com) to help with the recovery efforts in Oklahoma. 

Disclaimer: I received a discount code from MyOatmeal.com, but I have received no compensation for this post and, as always, all opinions expressed are my own.