Thursday, June 20, 2013

One Hundredth Post and a Training Question

First of all, it is my ONE HUNDREDTH post!!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who reads my rambles and sticks around! You guys are amazing!

Yesterday, while I was doing my warm-up before my weights class started, I was thinking about the training schedule I've been using for the last couple weeks. I've been running Monday thru Thursday, cross-training Friday, speed work on Saturday, and rest day on Sunday. Monday and Wednesday I do two-a-days, where I run in the morning, go about my day, and then do a 30-minute warm-up, usually on the elliptical, before my hour-long weights class. I'm seriously debating taking Fridays off in addition to Sundays, because I'm not sure whether or not to consider my evening workouts as cross-training. What do you guys think? I'm not feeling overly tired or anything of that sort, but I definitely do not want to overtrain and pull myself out of races in September and October. I would love your opinion, even if it's this:

Thank you again so much for all of your input and encouragement on my post from Tuesday. It is so good to know that I am not alone. Somehow, though, my plug-in screwed up and deleted comments from that post only, so I am so disappointed. They are backed up onto the IntenseDebate website for the plug-in I use, I'm just waiting on an e-mail to figure out how to re-upload them back onto my blog! If the comments are acting weird on this post, too, I'm so sorry! I'm trying to figure them out. I also didn't realize that you guys had to use captcha before, so I hopefully removed that, too! Still learning :D

Back to the topic of discouragement. Yesterday in my weights class, we did a workout that the trainers called a "22-minute workout." For 22 minutes, we did 12 push-ups and 16 jump squats during 1-minute intervals. The faster that we finished, the longer we had to rest. I was able to do 5 rounds of "normal" push-ups before switching to "girl" push-ups because I wanted to make it through the circuit. I was so incredibly thankful for running during this workout because my strong legs definitely carried me through this workout. I was able to make up for some lost time by doing the squats quickly when I did the push-ups slowly. I kept in mind everything that you guys had written about dealing with discouragement, and I was so proud of myself when I finished that workout. I did not verbally complain, nor did I compare myself ONE TIME to others. I just smiled (when I could) and went on with the workout, but I was so thankful when it was over. One of the guys who also takes the class consistently with me said "I don't think many people could finish that workout, we are awesome."

It felt great to finish such a tough workout and to be recognized as a class for it! Hard work truly does pay off! We then did a little arm/back workouts, finished with abs, then stretched. Now, I'm hoping to use these legs to power me through a long run today and then, hopefully, enjoy a much deserved rest day tomorrow.

What do you think about running and cross training in the same day? How many rest days do you take a week?