Monday, June 17, 2013

Pirates, Muscovies, and Humidity: Weekend Recap

I took it much easier this weekend in terms of running after the road vomit incident, but I still had a really busy weekend!

My weekends always start on Thursday (even during the school year) and as you all know, I started out my weekend with a long run. I went to the beach after my run and lounged around before going to Sam's Club to get new tires. Apparently, you're supposed to do this thing called "rotating your tires" every other oil change, but my dad who usually nags me about doing things for my car (because I admittedly know nothing about cars) and a friend had to tell me to go get my tires checked out because my car was making a "buzzing" noise. I went to the tire place and sure enough, my back tires were "chopped" (he showed me them and they looked crazy) and I needed new ones. Woo! Luckily, the guy working on my car didn't reprimand me ;) He also was kind enough to write down when I need to come back and get them rotated. This interaction might have happened:

I went out on Thursday and it was pretty uneventful, but I did meet a guy who went to HS with one of the players on the Blackhawks. I also met a man who told me that I am so beautiful and the name Rachel doesn't even do me justice. Not sure what that meant, but I just went with it. Thinking back on it now, I'm thinking he probably wanted me to be a stripper and wanted to give me a "pretty" name. Thanks, I'll keep Rachel.

Friday consisted of lunch out, the beach, and a house party. Pretty uneventful.

Saturday, I started out the day volunteering at a beach clean-up and then I went to Pirate Fest with Christina. I had overslept on Saturday and didn't have any breakfast, so by the time we got to Pirate Fest, I was STARVING! Christina and I inhaled our lunch and then our adventures started. First, we met this man and his parrot:

Then, we wandered and interacted with some booths, checking out the pirate booty and different foods. I bought some amazing spices to make some dips, and we saw some pretty amazing costumes. It was definitely a fun time! I came home and took the longest nap of my life before we went out again to celebrate Christina being a winner. She had won a $25 gift card to a local bar, so we went to enjoy it and caught the end of the Hawks game. Needless to say, I was the only Hawks fan in the bar and definitely needed those beers after a tough loss in OT. Don't worry boys, we'll get them tonight.

Yesterday, I did a short speed workout on the treadmill before heading to my friend's baseball game. It was a morning game and it was definitely a beautiful morning until about 11:30 when it got ridiculously hot and humid. After the game, I met up with a friend and we went to go see Man of Steel. I have only seen 3 superhero movies in my life (not a lie and including Man of Steel) because I'm not a superhero fan, and I have to say after that movie, I am still NOT a superhero fan. I didn't really like the movie. I thought it was slow and it was too sci-fy for me. I came home and took a nap and relaxed so that I could be prepared for this morning's run.

This morning's run was an incredibly humid run, but I managed to finish a little over 4 miles and I felt good. Even though the humidity is slowing me down significantly, I am somehow becoming really consistent with negative splits. I have, however, found a new motivator for sprints. It's these guys:

Muscovies. Muscovies are just big, mean, ugly ducks. They will chase you and quack at you if you get too close to them. Imagine my horror when I saw our neighborhood muscovies chilling on BOTH sides of the sidewalk and in the street. I wasn't sure what to do, so I chose the side that had the less aggressive muscovies and sprinted my heart out for half a mile so that they wouldn't chase me. Success. I enjoyed the rest of my run and avoided their hangout, but I have definitely found that sprinting outside in this FL humidity is possible, just find some muscovies. I felt amazing after I finished, but somehow was covered in grass seed. I also dripped sweat all over the sidewalk.....sorry neighbors.

If you need some grass seed, hit me up. I've got enough for a little corner of lawn.

Now, I'm off to work and getting prepared for my total body weights class tonight and the Blackhawks game! Have a great day!

How was your weekend? What was your workout today?