Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's In my Gym Bag

Today, Ari from The Pace of It All is hosting a linkup called "What's in my Gym Bag." I decided to join up :D

There's not really too many exciting items in my gym bag, but here are a few of them:

Gym shoes

The gray Adidas shoes are my shoes that got retired JUST before my half marathon, but I use them for the elliptical or rowing machine when I'm at the actual gym. The Saucony ProGrid's are my current running shoes :D

Armpocket Arm Band

This little armband gets better and better each time I use it. It has memory foam that conforms to your arm and I think it gets more comfortable each time! I'm guessing that's because it's molding to my arm. I haven't gotten any irritation from it either after running outside in the FL humidity each morning. P.S. Don't forget to use the code "RUN13" to get free shipping! 


I have to have a full body towel because we all know that I sweat like a fat man in a sauna (Does anyone else ever use that expression?).

Hygienic Products

I'm sparing you a picture of those because they include little bottles of shampoo/conditioner and some lady products, which I figured would be TMI for the male readers, but are definitely important to have on hand at all times!


This is self explanatory, but these are the headphones that came with my iPhone and I'm in the market for some different ones, so please share your favorites!

Knee Brace

I've dislocated my right knee twice, and I usually wear this on long runs, but I've been running without it lately and have been feeling pretty good (knock on wood).

Large plastic bag?

I got this at check-in for the Disney Princess Half and I threw it into my gym bag. I've never used it, but I figured that I can keep it in case I ever have to change out of my terribly sweaty clothes/wet clothes into dry clothes and need some place to store them.

Some random cords

I guess at one point I figured that this would be a great place for storage (maybe in one of my million moves) and I've just been too lazy to remove them. That laziness kind of contradicts the purpose of a gym bag, right?

Sand and Dirt

I run outside and I live at the beach, what else would you expect? P.S Wasn't that a really great picture?

What's the most random item in your gym bag?