Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dinosaur Arms

This week, I've been taking it easy, but as Karen brought up, my "taking it easy" is a lot more than what some people do ever. I guess it's all relative!

Last night in my strength class, we discovered that my left arm, my non-dominant arm, fatigues more quickly than my right arm. We lovingly began referring to it as my "dinosaur arm."

We figured this out when we were doing bicep curls and my left arm started needing a little help getting all the way to my chest. Since I'm the only girl in the class, the boys tease me about my weak upper body. However, when it comes to leg day, they're singing a different tune ;) When I was doing the chest press, my left arm felt weird and the trainer said "well, it's your dinosaur arm, so I'm not surprised. Look at the arm as you lift. It's like a magic trick!" That helped a little, but it looks like I might need to be targeting my dinosaur arm a little bit more in strength class so that I don't run into this issue!

Since I've been going to this class for almost two months, I have noticed some change in my arms and my upper body strength, but I still have a long way to go. I'm hoping not to lose too much strength when I'm abroad so that I won't have to start over when I get back. Two weeks shouldn't make a huge difference, but I know it will make some kind of a difference. I'm not seeing much change in my triceps, however, and that's where I would love to see some change because I don't want any jiggliness ;) A girl can dream!

Do you have dinosaur arms? What is your weakness when it comes to strength training?