Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goals Check-In: June Recap

I cannot believe that it is July already! It is time to review my goals for June! In case you missed my previous recaps, you can find them here and here:

Goal Number 3: Volunteer More

This goal was a success! I volunteered every weekend in June, which is more than I can say for the other months of the year. For the first weekend of June, I volunteered at Surfers for Autism where I almost got a tattoo. The following weekend, I volunteered at a beach clean-up at the Barrier Island Sanctuary in Melbourne. That event was incredibly easy for me, as I just sat at a table and checked in the guests and gave directions to the beach. It was good that I had an easy day that day because I was not on my game at all. The next weekend, I volunteered at the Barrier Island Center by teaching a touch tank. I LOVE teaching the touch tank and exposing young children, and adults, to invertebrates common to Florida. It's also awesome to interact with those children who you can watch be ignited by a love of science and nature. 

This past weekend I went to Island Dolphin Care where I helped with some camp sessions and did errands around the office. I also had the opportunity to teach another touch tank, which made me the happiest camper in the world. I truly love that facility and I would spend all of my days there, even for free. 

Goal Number 4: Try at least one new thing a week

This will be super fun. I'm counting it as including foods, exercises, activities, anything new-to-me! I'm definitely going to go out of my way to try something new, but I am really excited about it. Plus, this will be an INCREDIBLY fun goal when I go to Costa Rica in a few weeks. I cannot wait to see what I get into! 

What are your goals for July? Who else cannot believe that it is July already?