Monday, July 8, 2013

The Long Run Where I Tried New Things

In honor of July's goal, I tried some new things on my long run this week: fuel and wearing compression socks during the run. I probably had one of the best long runs I've had in a while, and I only did 6 miles!

Since I have been focusing on listening to and trusting my body, I've been learning when my body has been telling me that it needs fuel during my long runs. I have also noticed that my pace is incredibly slow during long runs and that my legs are heavy because I usually do my longer runs after running 4 days in a row. So, Thursday I decided to don my ProCompression socks and store some fuel in my bra (I need to work on a better location) and hit the road.

I went running a different location; it was a nice scenic park and there were a ton of other people around. The area was nicely shaded and I ran about 6 loops around this beautiful little pond:

(Click picture for source)

I stashed my water by my car because I didn't feel like lugging my bottle around and since I don't usually run loops, it was nice to be able to stop and grab water instead of carrying it with me. At mile 3.5, I could feel that my energy levels were getting low, so I took an Island Boost (review coming soon). I have never taken any fuel during a run before, so this was interesting. I definitely think that the fuel helped me to finish strong because at mile 6, I was ready to continue running! Since I had only brought enough fuel and water for 6 miles, I quit while I was ahead and relished in that runner's high. 

My legs also felt great during the run. Since I am a sweater, I was nervous about sporting compression socks during the run because I thought that my legs would overheat. I did get really sweaty, but my legs were able to breathe and I didn't have any issues with blisters during the run. I also felt great at the end and experienced NO DOMS the next two days! 

I usually don't have too many issues with six miles since it's my "easiest" long distance run (aka I run it most often), but I am interested to see how I do with this combination on longer distances sometime soon.

I'm not sure how much running I will be doing this week, and those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram might have guessed that after seeing these:

I am guessing that I have a very mild concussion (I didn't go to the doctor), but I do have a very swollen forehead, and some road rash on my chin. This is the result of some miscommunication between a friend and I after a BBQ and I got dropped head first onto the concrete. I saw stars when I hit the pavement, but didn't realize that I had smacked my head until all of my friends were panicking. I had a bloody chin and forehead, but my first concern was my teeth. Honestly, the first question I asked when I came to was "Do I have all of my teeth?" When they reassured me that I did, I was confused as to why people were still panicking until I saw my face. I'm okay and the bangs hide the injury pretty well. The swelling is finally going down and I'm getting a nice purple forehead, but I should be feeling 100% in the near future! I keep joking that having a concussion is like having a persistent hangover without having any of the fun that leads to the hangover! 

Do you wear compression socks on long runs? Do you use fuel? Have you ever had a concussion?