Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Your Body Really Knows What It's Doing

Before I start today, I wanna say Happy 60th Birthday to this guy right here:

Looking good, Daddy-o. 

Today, I wanna talk about how our bodies really seem to know what they're doing. My goal for April was to listen to my body's hunger signals and do what's called "intuitive" eating. It actually worked out really well and taught me a lot about my body and how to properly fuel it. While I have been tracking my calories again lately, I am still listening to my body's hunger signals and am finding which foods work best for me. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that my weight had not changed. My goal for May was to not weigh myself for the entire month. I was also successful in that venture, but I fell off the wagon in terms of running/etc because I was not feeling well (read: bronchitis), so when I weighed myself on the first of June, I was shocked and upset to see that I had gained 4 pounds. I then realized that my body was doing what it's supposed to when I'm not listening to its signals. I was still eating like I was working out hard, but I wasn't working out as hard as I had been. I was trying to control my body, and that obviously backfired on me. I didn't really weigh myself the rest of June because I was scared to, but I had returned to my running routine and my weights routine. I spent the rest of June really focusing on my eating habits and listening to my body again, all while returning to my regular fitness routine. Some days I found myself hungrier than others and following those days, I would eat less. It would all balance out. This morning, I got on the scale and still expected to see my weight hovering around the weight it was in the beginning of June, but wouldn't you know it, I was back to the weight I was at in the beginning of May. Apparently, our bodies seem to know what they're doing.

This brought me back to Cori's post about controlling every aspect of our lives. Why do we spend so much time trying to manipulate our bodies to fit into this mold that we think it should fit into? Why do we have so little trust in our own bodies? This is not a religious debate, and if you do not believe in evolution please feel free to skip this part, but humans have evolved to survive. There were no calorie counting apps, no diet foods, no models to compare ourselves to, we just ate, moved, and survived. Why can we not trust our bodies to do the same now? Yes, we do have to make some adjustments since we are basically a sedentary society, but I think that we can still trust our bodies to take care of us. I firmly believe that if we love ourselves, take care of our bodies, and fill our lives with positivity, everything else will fall into place. That is the ONLY way I think that we can "control" our lives, by loving what we have and loving the beautiful chaos. Sorry for the rambles.

No questions, I'd love to hear your thoughts for today!