Monday, August 26, 2013

A Whirlwind Weekend

Good morning! I'm a little later with this post today because I caught a cold on the airplane this weekend and was too exhausted to write a post last night while I was watching the VMAs. Did you guys see Justin Timberlake KILL it?! If not, you need to see it! (I'm having trouble finding a good link to it!)

So, you might be wondering how I caught a cold on an airplane this weekend. I went home for the first time in 8 months! It went by way too quickly, but it was nice to see my family and friends. I got in late Thursday night and went to dinner with the family. All of the restaurants were closed because it was late, so we ended up going to Applebee's. I was starving, so I took what I could get.

This Lady :) My little sister

Friday was a CRAZY busy day. I got up in the morning and joined my dad for his morning walk. I don't take enough time to talk to him or listen to him, so this walk was really nice and I really enjoyed it. I know he did, too. We talked about running, walking, healthy living, shoes, and life in general. It was rare to spend time like that with my dad and I should probably make more time to do that in the future. After our walk, we came home and woke the rest of the family so that we could meet up with our cousins for a family breakfast. After breakfast, my mom took me to see this bench: 

If you know me at all, you know that I have a LOVE obsession with the Little Mermaid, so that made my morning. My mom and I went to the mall afterwards to return a birthday present she got me and I tried on a ton of other outfits to replace the outfit, but I didn't like the way that anything looked. I was already frustrated and had to go to my dress fitting for my bridesmaid dress and SPOILER alert, it was missized. Not that I gained BONES were the issue. The dress was too small for my ribcage, so we had to make an emergency run to David's Bridal to exchange the dress. They ordered me a new one (after trying on the correct size), but it was the BEST customer service I have ever experienced. It made me feel a little better about having to get a new dress. We finished the exchange and I got my hair cut and I have officially decided to retire the Bieber cut and grow my hair out after my BFF's wedding in October.

The rest of the day was spent at my cousins house enjoying her pool and a lot of good food and I was in bed by 10 pm :D

Saturday was another busy day. I woke up, did speed work outside (first time ever and it was TOUGH), helped my mom make desserts for the bridal shower, showered, got my eyebrows done, and headed to my best friend's bridal shower! It was so good to see my best friends after almost a year apart! it's always like we've never been apart.

The shower decorations were super cute, the food was good (more than enough vegetarian options), the desserts were amazing, and it was an overall good time. It was a FAST shower because it was over by 4:30 and Kari received a TON of presents. Her fianc√© is in the agriculture business, so I thought the tractors, flowers, and leaves were super cute! The corn in the pencil holder was a really nice touch, too. I thought it was such a pretty shower! 

Because we couldn't find a birthday present for me at the mall, my mom agreed to go halfsies with me on a new pair of running shoes :) Look what I came home with :D 

My first pair of Brooks! I haven't tried them yet because I had a 7 mile run on the training plan today, but I'm excited to try them out tomorrow! I also got this beauty since I've had my
eye on her for while ;) I have to say, it's so much easier to just look down and see the distance instead of having to guess how far I am while waiting for MapMyRun to talk to me.

I got back in yesterday afternoon and have been unwinding and doing homework since then. Now, it's time to grocery shop and relax until strength training tonight! 

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? What was your most recent purchase?