Thursday, September 26, 2013

Listening to Your Body During Training

I am a huge fan of listening to your body when it tells you that it's hungry or missing something. I try to eat when I'm hungry instead of focusing on calories or a schedule. I bring snacks to eat when I need them, no matter how frequent or infrequent that may be. One area where I'm lacking on listening to my body to my fullest potential is during training.

My last two long runs have been less than perfect. During my ten miler, I ran out of water at mile 8.5 and got the worst side stitch of my life for the next . During my eleven miler (yet to be blogged about), I   brought more water, but I didn't finish strong. I could feel another side stitch coming on and when I started my cool down walk to loosen my muscles, I immediately felt light headed and my legs went weak. I had to sit down for fear of passing out. I felt this sensation at the tail end of my cool down walk during after my 10-miler, and I made a note that I should bring Gatorade or Powerade to keep my electrolyte levels up during the longer miles of my run and to drink afterwards. Did I bring those drinks on my eleven mile run on Monday? No. I think this is the reason why I felt faint at the end of my run. My electrolyte levels were incredibly low.

Another time I didn't listen to my body? Yesterday morning. Yesterday, when I put on my shorts (ones that are usually falling down), they fit me a little better. I realized this was because I was bloated, my stomach was making weird noises, and I had to use the bathroom (The rest of this is going to be TMI, so skip over this paragraph if you're grossed out by bodily functions). I felt great until about 3 miles into my 5-mile run. I held it in until mile 4.5, where I earned my newest runner's badge of honor. There was an area with lots of trees near my route and well, I had to pull over because there were no porta-potties. And I was sick. I felt better after the run until I got home, but I was so embarrassed and so disgusted with myself. I know that other runners have done it, but still. It's always grosser when it's you. I spent the rest of the day dealing with stomach issues. I almost didn't want to include this, but you know what sh*t happens (gotta make a funny ;) )

I'm taking these experiences and using them as a way to train better. Thankfully, there will be Gatorade at aid stations during the Tower of Terror 10-Miler (which is 9 days away), so that should help with my electrolyte dilemmas. I'm keeping better track of what I eat the days leading up to a run to make sure that what happened yesterday does not happen again. Your body always knows whats best for you, and it's important to listen to it. I'm definitely going to start paying closer attention. I started this morning by sleeping in when my body was telling me it was exhausted, I didn't sleep well, and I have a 16 hour day today.

What's the grossest thing that has happened to you during a run? 
--Please make me feel better about getting sick in the woods
Do you use Gatorade on your long runs?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 5 #TOT10Miler Training Recap

Another week down! Less than two weeks until race day! It's hard to believe that it's almost here. I am so excited! Here's how week 5 went down:


AM: 10 miles, stretching
PM: 20 minutes elliptical, 1 hour strength


AM: 3 mile run
PM: None


AM: 4 mile run
PM: 10 minute elliptical, 1 hour strength (I got off work late)


AM: 3 mile run
PM: None


Rest (but did a lot of mall walking)


1 mile treadmill (I just didn't want to do it)


Total Mileage: 21

My long run this week consisted of the worst 1.5 miles I've ever experienced in my life. I ran out of water at mile 8.5 and I got the worst side stitch in the history of mankind at mile 9. I basically crawled back to my car.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebrations, A Shattered iPhone, and a Chipped Tooth

Thank you for the sweet messages I got regarding my celebration of me post on Friday! This weekend was definitely a major celebration of me and I couldn't have asked for a better time.

I spent Friday at the Florida Mall in Orlando with Stef, my co-counselor from Costa Rica. This was the first time I had seen her since we got back from Costa because she has spent the last month on dredge ships in the Gulf! Needless to say, it was definitely a great way to spend my day celebrating me! We spent about 4 hours at the mall just walking around, spending too much money, eating soft pretzels, and having a really great lunch. I got back to my house around 6, napped, made a pizza, and headed downtown. I was supposed to meet all of my girlfriends there, but two of them ended up bailing, so only my partner in crime (one of the girls who always comes out with me) came out. We met up with our two guy friends and had a really great night. I ended up getting sillier than I had planned because I got called off of work on Saturday, but it was a great way to end an awesome day celebrating me.

The note that started my day off right :)

On Saturday, they ended up calling me into work for 2 hours, so I spent two hours at work and then came home for another nap. After I woke up, I headed over to a friends house to head to a frat party. Since it was another friend's birthday, I only stayed at the party for about 30 minutes before I headed downtown to meet my friends. It was great to see a lot of friends downtown who I don't usually see. However, the night got weird quickly! I got asked out on two dates and I got a text message from someone I do not really know that well that was very straight forward about why he was talking to me. I'm sure you guys could figure that out. Needless to say, that text did not get a response! Later on we headed to a bar where I made the decision that changed my technology life. I tried to put my cell phone in my purse as I was walking and talking to a friend, and I dropped my phone onto the floor. When I picked it up, it was shattered. I wasn't as upset about it as I would have imagined, but I made sure I told everyone I had shattered it. It's definitely weird to use now, but I think I can last the month I was planning on waiting before getting a new phone. My mom's response to me telling her about the damage? "Well Rach, I knew you wanted a new phone, but you didn't have to shatter this one!"

No more selfies on the front facing camera

Sunday was spent at the zoo. It was hot, but it was such a nice day and I was with really great company. However, when I took a sip of my water from my metal reusable water bottle, I chipped a tooth. I'm not sure how it happened, since I didn't hit my tooth hard, but my front tooth now has a small chip and it's obnoxious. I'm on the lookout for a dentist in the area to fix the damage! The rest of the day was spent relaxing, watching movies, snuggling on the couch, and relaxing. It was such a perfect ending to a great weekend.

How was your weekend? Have you ever chipped a tooth?

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Bittersweet Milestone and a Celebration of Me

Today is a bittersweet day for me. Today marks one year since he left. I didn't cry on the day he left; I was numb. Today, I am proud to say that I have come a really long way. Surprisingly, I am not sad today. If you would have asked me a year ago, I never would have thought that I would have made it this far. I never would have thought that I would be where I am today.

Yes, I do get sad sometimes when I think about it (I actually teared up a little writing this post), but it has been a major life lesson. I know he reads my blog and I know he regrets his decision, but I would do it all over again. So instead of being sad at all today, I'm going to take today to celebrate me. I want to celebrate all of the things I have done in the past year. I have traveled all over Florida, to Costa Rica, North Carolina and home. I started a blog. I made new friends. I ran a half marathon. I rocked my first year of grad school. I kissed a handful of frogs (not literally). I dated a new guy I really liked, but things didn't work out. But most of all, I've discovered more things about myself and have become the best version of me I ever have been.

Without this heartbreak, I never would have taken the time to reflect on what I really want in life. I don't think I would have taken as many risks as I have. I don't think that Florida would have really become my home. I don't think that I would have realized how fabulous I truly am and just live life to the fullest. If he had stayed, my school life would have been different. I don't think I would have the same friend group that I do. I don't think my life would be as bright as it is now. That's not to say he didn't bring joy to my life; he did, we spent three years together. That just means that a part of me was not allowed to grow and I just didn't know it at the time. I credit him for helping me develop as a young woman when we were together and I thank him for letting me go.

Today I plan on celebrating me. I plan on celebrating all the progress I have made the last year. I'm going to spend the day doing all of the things I love to do. I plan on spending time outside, going shopping, eating froyo, and going out with my best friends. I plan on dancing like no one's watching, enjoying my beers, and just being myself. I hope that you guys will participate in this virtual celebration, too! I'm so thankful for everyone I've connected with through blogging and I hope you'll go out for froyo and beers. If you're single, maybe kiss a few frogs tonight, too ;)

(Recycled picture)

This is has been my theme song for the last year, so I'm ending on this note. You can't stop my shine <3

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cheesy Broccoli and Potato Casserole

I am not usually a casserole girl, but I was in the mood for something different on Sunday. This casserole was SO delicious and turned out way better than I thought it would have.

Cheesy Broccoli and Potato Casserole 

1 cup Jiffy mix
1 egg
1 cup water
2 potatoes, diced
1/3 head of broccoli, roughly chopped into small pieces
1/2 white onion, diced
1 cup shredded four cheese blend
Salt and pepper, to taste
Chili powder, to taste

Preheat oven to 375*. In a bowl, mix 1 cup Jiffy Mix, 1 egg, salt, pepper, chili powder, and water together. Dice potatoes, broccoli, and onion and place in a 9" pan. Top with salt and pepper as desired. Pour Jiffy mixture over the potatoes, broccoli, and onion. Top with cheese. Bake for 35 minutes. Enjoy! 

Commenting from phones is what undermines my plug-in, but I think I have fixed that! Thanks for everyone's help! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 4 #TOT10Miler Training Recap

Hard to believe it has been 4 weeks since I started training! The race was three weeks from Saturday! I took an extra rest day this week to prepare for my race on Saturday, but I felt good during training!


AM: 9 miles, stretching
PM: 30 mins elliptical, 1 hour strength (a personal training session!)
--Because I was the only one in class and I am a runner, they had me do suicides as a warm-up. Gross


AM: None
PM: 3 miles with friends


AM: 4 mile progression run
PM: 40 mins elliptical, 1 hour strength, foam rolling






Turtle Krawl 5k

Total Mileage: 19.1

I took an extra rest day this week so that I could have fresh legs for the race! It seemed to have worked! Hard to believe that in two weeks I'll be running the Tower of Terror 10-Miler!

Also, I think I need to try something with this comment plug-in I have. If you're reading/commenting on a phone, would you mind going to the mobile web version (it should be an option at the end of the post) and commenting from there? It'll be a little extra work, but I want to experiment to see if the mobile version is undermining my plug-in! Thanks!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Turtle Krawl 5k Race Recap

I ran my first 5k on Saturday (my first race was the Princess Half) and I actually did relatively well!

I woke up at 5:30 so that I would have enough time to get dressed, eat a pre-race meal, and hopefully go to the bathroom before I left for the race. News flash: I couldn't.

I got to the beach at 6:45, found a relatively close parking spot, and watched the sunrise with the many other runners who were already there. It was gorgeous. This is why I LOVE running early in the morning.

Before the race started, I found a few of my friends who were also running the race. These two are the girls I ran with last week. They were planning on running slower than I was, so I lined up between the 8 and 9 minute mile pacers and they stayed behind. The race started promptly at 7:30 am after the National Anthem was sung. The first mile flew by, but I had to stop and get water at the first water stop because I was really hot since I was pushing myself harder than I usually do. First mile was done in 8:20, which is super speedy for me. I walked during the water stop because I dumped water into my nose when I tried to run and drink. The next mile was a little tougher and I started to get a side stitch, so I slowed down a little. I'm not sure what my split was for this mile, but I walked during the water stop again. The third mile was right into the sun and I had to stop and walk for about 5 seconds because I was cramping up. I also kept burping and had to excuse myself to anyone who wasn't running with headphones. I'm not sure I drank enough water before I started (I finished ~48 oz an hour before, but it was HOT and I sweat a lot) and my body is definitely not used to pushing this hard in the heat, so I wanted to make sure I could cross the finish line strong and took a few quick steps when I was walking. That might be embarrassing for someone who credits themselves with not walking at all during long runs... but again, I'm running much slower. I somehow finished the last .1 at a sprint, but as soon as I crossed the finish line I had to run to the bushes because I thought I was going to vomit. I may or may not have peed my pants a little bit when the nausea passed because my body was relaxing after pushing so hard.

I crossed the finish line in 26:33, which was faster than I anticipated, and finished 4th in my age group! My first instinct was to be a little bummed that I didn't get an awesome medal, but then I reminded myself that this was m first 5k and 4th in my age group is NOT bad at all!  I averaged 8:33 min miles, which I am happy with. I was 14 seconds behind the third place girl, so it was close in non-runners terms, but not close in runners-terms. Either way, an awesome way to kick off my first 5k!

Clock says 26:41, official results say 26:33.7 (PS. My face)

At the end, The Wobble (aka my favorite song to dance to) came on as soon as I crossed the finish line. It was a sign I think! At that point, though I was too busy trying not to vomit and I wanted to get some food into my body so I didn't dance. The bananas and orange slices were lifesavers. They also had owls at the race, which was kind of a fun way to kill some time while I waited for my friends to finish!

I liked this race because the course was fast (The overall winner set a course record and finished in 16 minutes!) and half of it was what I run during my long runs. I do wish that the third mile was not into the sun because it made it hard to keep my head up during the run. An earlier start might be better because then it would be cooler and the sun wouldn't be up yet, but I'm guessing they cannot do this for safety reasons. Another complaint would be that they took forever to start the awards ceremony. I only stayed because one of my friends placed and I wanted to see him get his medal, but the ceremony didn't start until 45 minutes after the course was declared cleared. Free parking was only until 10, so I had to leave immediately after he got his award. Overall, I would run this race again! Plus, it benefitted sea turtle conservation, and we all know that I love sea turtles.

Who else raced this weekend? Have you ever placed in your age group?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Healthy Living and Disordered Living

Before you get mad at me, hear me out. I understand that there are people out there (many of whom we interact with via the blogworld) who do indeed suffer or have suffered from serious eating disorders and this post is not meant to diminish anyone's battles. These are just my thoughts lately and I wanted to get them out there.

Lately I have been wondering if the healthy living community is a widely accepted disordered community. If you think about it, many of us participate in excessive exercise and restriction. In my personal experience, I don't eat meat (restriction), and I work out 3 hours a day on Mondays, two hours a day on Wednesdays, and 30 minutes a day on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Many of those who "eat clean" are also restricting. I know that most of us do not few these as restrictions because we CHOOSE not to eat them, but I think cutting out entire food groups can be viewed as restriction. Sometimes, I just want an extra cupcake and I tell myself no because I've already had one and think that if I have another I will get fat. Red flag.

I have a lot of confidence in myself as a person and in my body. However, there are days when I feel fat. I'm putting my statistics out here on the Internet. I am by no means fat or overweight. I am 5'5 and weigh 134 pounds. I know a lot of women in my life who always make comments on how I'm so tiny or how they would love to be my size. I know that I am not fat. Still, eating healthy and working out a ton does not eliminate disordered thoughts from my head. I have never battled an eating disorder, but I have noticed that since I began living a healthier lifestyle AND since I have started writing my blog, I have suffered from more and more disordered thoughts. Luckily, I have a voice of reason that overpowers my irrational thoughts that a cupcake is going to make me fat, but some days are harder than others. Especially when it comes to exercise.

I still want that cupcake

Many of the blogs I read have mentioned that they feel guilty if they do not exercise. I am in that group of people. Red flag. Rest days make us feel gross and antsy. Is that not a sign of exercise obsession? I ran with a couple girlfriends on Tuesday and decided that I would only do one run that day instead of two and that I would just enjoy this new experience of running with friends. I ran at a much slower pace than I was used to and while I had a great time, at the end of the run I had a nagging thought in my head that I should have done my regular 3 miles in the morning and then the 3 miles I did with the girls. I ran 9 miles the day before and I was running 4 miles the next day, but because I ran my usual 3 miles (that's on Tuesday's schedule) at a pace slower than I usually do, I felt guilty. I should have been happy that I got my sweat on, enjoyed time with friends, and got a run in, but instead, I was beating myself up. What does this say about my lifestyle? Luckily, after 5-10 minutes of beating myself up, I realized that I still ran and still gave my body the workout it wanted, it was just at a slower pace and I was happy with that.

The reason that I think the healthy living community is just an accepted disordered living community is because we all are affected by these thoughts and we all are living a lifestyle of restriction. I think that we all support each other, even if it is apparent that the blogger/individual we are speaking to is suffering from unhealthy thoughts. We put ourselves in their shoes and can relate to what they're feeling, so we think it's okay. I'm not trying to change anything about the healthy living community, I'm just putting my thoughts out there. I love everyone who I have had the chance to interact with and wouldn't trade it for the world.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Good, bad, evil, lay it on me :) 

Edited to add: it appears that my comment plug-in has failed. I'm playing the Devil's Advocate on this topic, so if you cannot comment, PLEASE e-mail me. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happiness is...

We all know that running, the Little Mermaid, and One Direction are a few of the things that make me happiest. I wanted to share with you a few things that have been making me happy around here as well.

1. Happiness is friends who send you vegetarian marshmallows, vegetarian gummy bears, and vegetarian gummy worms. My gelatin-free heart is so happy and I cannot wait to make all the s'mores. Who wants to join?

2. Happiness is my first run with friends. I ran with two friends last night; one is training for her first half marathon, the other is trying to get into running. It was nice and slow, but it was actually really fun running with other people. I hope to do it a few more times :)

3.  Happiness is Nature Valley Granola with Protein

Sorry that I ate most of it before I took the picture.

4. Happiness is foam rolling and eating pretzels while watching Catfish. Maybe not the best refuel after a run, but I'm a woman and I can do what I want.

5. Happiness is new music. Obsessed with this song:

What are some of the things that are making you happy? What new songs should I check out?

Edited to add:

Happiness is also being able to run in honor of those who lost their lives during 9/11 and for those who continue to fight for our freedom.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 3 #TOT10Miler Training Recap

It's hard to believe it's been three weeks since I started training for the Tower of Terror 10-Miler! It's even harder to believe that it's going to be here in three weeks (from Saturday)! This week's of training went MOSTLY according to plan, unlike last week. I did switch a couple days around, but I got in all of the workouts I had planned, with the exception of Monday's strength because the gym wasn't open on Labor Day.


AM: None
PM: 4 miles progression, stretch


AM: 3 miles (on the treadmill)
PM: None


AM: 8 miles, stretch, foam roll
PM: 40 minutes elliptical, 1 hour strength


AM: 3 miles (on the treadmill)
PM: None




AM: 5 minute warm up @ 6 mph
        4 x 400 @ 8.0 mph
        3 minute cool down @ 6 mph
Total: 2.1 miles
PM: None



Total Mileage: 20.1 miles

As you can see, I did TWO treadmill runs this week. Who am I? If you know me at all, you know that I'm not a treadmill person, AT ALL! I used it because I was afraid of being outside in the dark. Again, I didn't take any pictures this week, so here are some corgis on a treadmill. Just because.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Brooks Ravenna 4 Review

When I was home a couple weeks ago, my mom offered to split the cost of a new pair of running shoes with me. I was torn between the Saucony ProGrid 5 (what I wear now) and the Brooks Ravenna 4. After running around the store (literally) and hearing of Dick's 90 day return policy, even if I wear the shoes on a run, I brought home my first pair of Brooks.

Note: The following review is a reflection of my personal opinions. I purchased these Brooks and am reviewing them on my own accord.

I was only looking at shoes with "neutral" gait because that's what Running Zone analyzed me as when I got my last pair of shoes in February. My mom saw that the Brooks Ravenna 4 were labeled as a "Best Runners Buy" and encouraged me to try them on even though they were a stability shoe. I grabbed 3 other pairs of shoes and asked for them in my size. Apparently, the two other shoes were popular with people who have small feet (I wear a 6.5 in running shoes), so I had to choose between the Saucony ProGrid 5 and the Brooks Ravenna 4.

Saucony (left) Brooks (right) source

Because I have Saucony ProGrids currently, I was sure that I was going to choose them because I have had no problems with my pair. However, when I put them on, they felt weird on my feet. I was having an issue with the lacings, but I did a test run in them anyways. Next, I tried on the Brooks Ravenna 4 and despite being a bulkier looking shoe, they felt much lighter on my feet. I ran around the store in them and liked how they felt. Because I was still unsure, I put one of each shoe on and did another run. I decided to take home the Brooks Ravenna 4s and give them a trial run because Dick's Sporting Goods assured me that I could return them if I did not like them.

I have run in these shoes for a little over a week, and I really like them. My feet don't slip and rub, so I haven't had any new blisters yet. In my Saucony's, there were pressure points where I was consistently getting blisters on blisters. Knock on wood, that hasn't happened with the Brooks, yet. My legs also have not felt heavy after a run with these shoes. Sometimes my legs feel like lead, but I haven't experienced that yet with my Brooks. Because my legs have felt great with these stability shoes, I'm wondering if I was misanalyzed at my last fitting. Or maybe Brooks are just great shoes. 

Another thing I really like are the bright yellow shoelaces:

(Ignore the horrible photo quality)

I love that the shoelaces look like they are glowing in the dark when I am running in the pitch black. It makes me feel safer that cars can see me, even if I'm running on the sidewalk. I wasn't sure about the colors of the shoe (purple and black are kind of boring), but they've definitely grown on me. Besides, the Tower of Terror 10-Miler is a villain-themed race and my villain is Ursula (should be a given with my obsession with Ariel), and my mom said 'THESE WILL GO GREAT WITH YOUR VILLAIN RACE!' Mom knows the key to my heart <3

The only complaint that I have about these shoes is that my calves have been really sore after ALL runs. I can't pinpoint the exact reasoning for this, but they are constantly tight. I foam roll and stretch, but it doesn't seem to help. I think the drop is slightly greater (would it be lower?) in the Brooks, so I'm thinking that might be the cause for my calf tightness. Hopefully I will adjust soon! 

I would definitely recommend these shoes if you are neutral but still looking for more stability. The description on Dick's Sporting Good's Website says these are ideal for mild pronators, which I'm thinking might actually be my case. Hopefully more fun colors will be available soon!

What brand of running shoes are you currently wearing? Do you pronate? What do you look for in a running shoe?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week 2 #TOT10Miler Training Recap

I'm a little behind with the recap this week because my weekend was a little crazy and I've been slacking...aka catching up on sleep I missed out on this weekend. On Saturday, I skipped my speed session because I woke up late, it was sunny, and I wanted to go to the beach. I'm not sorry about it. Speed hasn't worked it's way up in my heart, yet, so as long as I don't miss my distance runs, then I'm okay with missing a speed session. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear!


AM: 7 miles, stretching
PM: 30 minutes elliptical, 1 hour strength, foam rolling


AM: 3 miles, stretching, foam rolling
PM: None


AM: 4 mile progression
PM: 40 minutes elliptical, 1 hour strength, foam rolling


AM: 3 miles, stretching
PM: None







Total Mileage

As you can see, I had three rest days this week. My body felt pretty good going into my runs this week, but I don't think 3 rest days will become the norm for me. Also, all of my workouts on Wednesday killed me (as you can see by the sweat angel on the cement). Some days are just tougher than others!

How is your training going? What was your toughest workout last week?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Goals Check-in: August Recap

I realize that we are 4 days into September now, but I'm still working on getting my life back together, so I'm a little behind. I cannot believe that it's already September!

Goal Number 5: Spend More Time Getting In Touch With the People I Love

This was my favorite goal so far. I spent a lot of time on the phone getting in touch with the people I haven't seen in a LONG time. I traveled to North Carolina to reconnect with Liz and see my turtle BFF go back to the ocean. I also went home and got to spend a weekend with my girlfriends and family who I had not seen since Christmas. I ended the month by getting a package together and handwriting a letter to one of my good friends who is stationed in Africa right now. 

Overall, I'd say that this goal was successful. I'm definitely going to attempt to continue it throughout the rest of the year, though!

Goal Number 6: Spend More Time Outdoors

I'm really excited for this goal! I spent the first 2 days of September at the beach, so I'm off to a good start ;) I'm hoping to visit more nature preserves, the zoo, and a bunch of other places where I can enjoy the outdoors. Does running count? Because I spend that time outside all the time (I think that's cheating, so I'm not going to count that. I cannot wait to see where my adventures are going to take me this month!

How did you do with your August goals? What are some of your goals for September? 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Things I Learned Over Labor Day Weekend

I hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend! This weekend was one weird and hilarious weekend for me, and here are a few gems that I uncovered throughout the weekend.

1. Lean Cuisines are not good pre-drinking meals.....

....unless you wanna get awesome. One of my girlfriends and I both ate Lean Cuisines as our dinner prior to going out and we both got super intoxicated after drinking our normal/less than normal amount of alcohol. Since it happened to both of us, it must be science, right?

2. Two dates in one day is always a good idea... long as they're not scheduled for the same time. I had a lunch date AND a dinner date one day this weekend and it was probably one of my better ideas. Two free meals in one day? For a girl who loves food, free food is the absolute best.

3. One Direction is even cuter in 3D

I don't know if I've ever shared this with you guys, but I really like One Direction. I tried not to, but my Pandora running station would always play them and I fell in love with them. I saw the movie this weekend and my friend came with me. We didn't realize when we picked a time, though, that the show we chose was in 3D. It was sooo worth the extra 2 dollars.

4. It's possible to wear contacts for 4 days straight and not claw your eyeballs out

I wouldn't recommend it, but it's possible.

5. I cannot stick with a plan when I go out

Sunday night was supposed to be a tame night out so that I could get up and run 8 miles on Monday morning. Instead, I went to bed at 530 am and didn't run that morning. Oops

6. It's possible to sleep everywhere but your own house for 4 nights in a row and not be on vacation

Thank goodness for great friends who help each other out when we are all needing a safe place to crash. I did miss my bed, though.

7. Four days is not long enough for a weekend

Based on my school schedule, I always have a four day weekend. Because all of my friends had three day weekends this weekend, it meant that we all had to get a little crazier than usual. I need an extra day to get my life back together, please!

8. My life is wild, crazy, and fabulous

And I wouldn't have it any other way <3

How was your Labor Day weekend? Do you need an extra day to get yourself back together?