Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebrations, A Shattered iPhone, and a Chipped Tooth

Thank you for the sweet messages I got regarding my celebration of me post on Friday! This weekend was definitely a major celebration of me and I couldn't have asked for a better time.

I spent Friday at the Florida Mall in Orlando with Stef, my co-counselor from Costa Rica. This was the first time I had seen her since we got back from Costa because she has spent the last month on dredge ships in the Gulf! Needless to say, it was definitely a great way to spend my day celebrating me! We spent about 4 hours at the mall just walking around, spending too much money, eating soft pretzels, and having a really great lunch. I got back to my house around 6, napped, made a pizza, and headed downtown. I was supposed to meet all of my girlfriends there, but two of them ended up bailing, so only my partner in crime (one of the girls who always comes out with me) came out. We met up with our two guy friends and had a really great night. I ended up getting sillier than I had planned because I got called off of work on Saturday, but it was a great way to end an awesome day celebrating me.

The note that started my day off right :)

On Saturday, they ended up calling me into work for 2 hours, so I spent two hours at work and then came home for another nap. After I woke up, I headed over to a friends house to head to a frat party. Since it was another friend's birthday, I only stayed at the party for about 30 minutes before I headed downtown to meet my friends. It was great to see a lot of friends downtown who I don't usually see. However, the night got weird quickly! I got asked out on two dates and I got a text message from someone I do not really know that well that was very straight forward about why he was talking to me. I'm sure you guys could figure that out. Needless to say, that text did not get a response! Later on we headed to a bar where I made the decision that changed my technology life. I tried to put my cell phone in my purse as I was walking and talking to a friend, and I dropped my phone onto the floor. When I picked it up, it was shattered. I wasn't as upset about it as I would have imagined, but I made sure I told everyone I had shattered it. It's definitely weird to use now, but I think I can last the month I was planning on waiting before getting a new phone. My mom's response to me telling her about the damage? "Well Rach, I knew you wanted a new phone, but you didn't have to shatter this one!"

No more selfies on the front facing camera

Sunday was spent at the zoo. It was hot, but it was such a nice day and I was with really great company. However, when I took a sip of my water from my metal reusable water bottle, I chipped a tooth. I'm not sure how it happened, since I didn't hit my tooth hard, but my front tooth now has a small chip and it's obnoxious. I'm on the lookout for a dentist in the area to fix the damage! The rest of the day was spent relaxing, watching movies, snuggling on the couch, and relaxing. It was such a perfect ending to a great weekend.

How was your weekend? Have you ever chipped a tooth?