Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Things I Learned Over Labor Day Weekend

I hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend! This weekend was one weird and hilarious weekend for me, and here are a few gems that I uncovered throughout the weekend.

1. Lean Cuisines are not good pre-drinking meals.....

....unless you wanna get awesome. One of my girlfriends and I both ate Lean Cuisines as our dinner prior to going out and we both got super intoxicated after drinking our normal/less than normal amount of alcohol. Since it happened to both of us, it must be science, right?

2. Two dates in one day is always a good idea...

...as long as they're not scheduled for the same time. I had a lunch date AND a dinner date one day this weekend and it was probably one of my better ideas. Two free meals in one day? For a girl who loves food, free food is the absolute best.

3. One Direction is even cuter in 3D

I don't know if I've ever shared this with you guys, but I really like One Direction. I tried not to, but my Pandora running station would always play them and I fell in love with them. I saw the movie this weekend and my friend came with me. We didn't realize when we picked a time, though, that the show we chose was in 3D. It was sooo worth the extra 2 dollars.

4. It's possible to wear contacts for 4 days straight and not claw your eyeballs out

I wouldn't recommend it, but it's possible.

5. I cannot stick with a plan when I go out

Sunday night was supposed to be a tame night out so that I could get up and run 8 miles on Monday morning. Instead, I went to bed at 530 am and didn't run that morning. Oops

6. It's possible to sleep everywhere but your own house for 4 nights in a row and not be on vacation

Thank goodness for great friends who help each other out when we are all needing a safe place to crash. I did miss my bed, though.

7. Four days is not long enough for a weekend

Based on my school schedule, I always have a four day weekend. Because all of my friends had three day weekends this weekend, it meant that we all had to get a little crazier than usual. I need an extra day to get my life back together, please!

8. My life is wild, crazy, and fabulous

And I wouldn't have it any other way <3

How was your Labor Day weekend? Do you need an extra day to get yourself back together?