Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Goals Check-in: September Recap

It's October! Where is this year going?! October is going to be a CRAZY busy month for me! I'm excited though :) Big things are happening around here!

Goal 6: Spend More Time Outdoors

I knocked this goal out of the water. Not only did I get to spend more time outside in the morning with my long runs being much longer than they have been recently, I spent multiple days a week at the beach, and even spent some time at the zoo :) I LOVE that it's still so warm here so that I can still spend lots of times outdoors without being cold. The perks of no longer living in Chicago. 

Goal 7: Eat Less Sweets

I already failed on this yesterday. I had some Dove chocolate with my lunch, and then I had a cookie with my mentees. I'm hoping to get better, though, and make some better choices! This will be hard with my best friend's wedding coming up...and Halloween is this month, too! Also, this will be hard with desserts like that picture above available at Disney...where I'll be spending the weekend! 

What are your goals for October? Do you have a sweet tooth?