Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 6 #TOT10Miler Training Recap

First off, let me apologize for being MIA from everyone's blogs the last few days! It's been CRAZY around these parts (but all in a good way) and when I'm not doing a million things, I'm sleeping. I love you guys, but I love sleep, too. Things should calm down in the next couple of weeks, though.


It's taper week! The only thing I like about taper week is that I get to eat a lot of carbs and sleep a lot. So that's fun. This week of training was a little chaotic. I skipped speed work again... I'm a bad runner. I also apparently didn't take any pictures of my runs this week..so, I'm also a bad blogger. FAILING ON ALL ACCOUNTS!


AM: 11 mile run
PM: 30 min cardio, 1 hour strength


AM: 2 mile run (my legs felt like they were going to fall off)
PM: None


AM: 5 mile recovery run (and this happened)
PM: None
------I didn't go to weights class that night because my teacher is probably the only teacher in the world who CANCELS his class because HE cannot be there and then forces us to reschedule that class at another time. So, I had a make-up class that day.




3 mile run




Rest/Walk around the aquarium

(Edited to add) Total Mileage: 21 miles

I did some schedule changes this week to accommodate for my changes...except for the speed. I just totally skipped speed. OOPS. I'm only a little bit sorry about it.

Here's a random picture because I didn't take any pictures at all this week during runs:

Sometimes it releases things that give us running badges as well ;)

P.S. Happy World Vegetarian Day!!!