Friday, November 15, 2013

10 Signs You Might Need a Brain Vacation

The end of the semester is quickly approaching, so I've taken the time to reflect on the signs that indicate when you might need a brain vacation (aka I needed one like last month). Here are some of my favorites...all of things I have done in the last two weeks.

1. You forget to pay your credit card bill (one day late).

I mean, who else doesn't want to pay $25 extra dollars?

2. You lose your mail key...and facility key (because they were on the same keyring) and thus, cannot get into your mailbox to get access to a large paycheck (when every other job uses direct deposit) or use the swimming pool.

3. You give a student the wrong test THREE times before you actually hand him the right test to complete.

I sound like a great teacher, don't I?

4. You forget to submit your hours for one you don't get paid for a past pay period and the administrators have to figure out what to do to get you your money.

5. You get upset because the guy you're dating wants to get ice cream and see a movie... and not just get ice cream like you had originally planned.

6. You'd rather sleep than go drinking (I mean, who am I?)

7. You have zero desire to complete any assignments for the rest of the semester.

8. You have zero time to blog/read blogs and you feel like you're missing out on all of your BFF's lives.

9. You forget to respond to texts/emails because you've responded to them in your head.

10. You stop washing your hair and survive on using baby powder as dry shampoo or just rinsing it out (if it's not too sweaty after a run) because you're a boss and you just don't care.

Needless to say, I'm ready for this mini trip to Island Dolphin Care that I'm taking this weekend for their fundraiser! Be on the lookout for dolphin pictures and fundraiser pictures!

What are your signs that you need a brain break? Tell me something random about your week.