Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Everybody's An Expert

"Everybody's an expert." We've all heard that phrase before, usually after someone tells us their opinion (often stated as fact). Sometimes this information is useful, other times, it's ridiculous. I'm pretty sure the only thing I'm truly an expert at is being fabulous. Let's focus on the ridiculous.

When I was in the Keys, the topic of healthy living and fitness came up. I talked about how I love to run and there was a man there who looked at me and said: "You know, if you ever want to have children, you should stop running." I asked him why he thought that and he replied "Because it messes up your lady organs. Your uterus will collapse or fall out and you'll never be able to have children."

Uh, what? I responded that I had read things that stated running is harmful to female organs, but I have read more information about how running is beneficial to women. In my head, I was thinking about how many women run, have gotten pregnant, and have successfully carried a baby to term, all doing that WITHOUT the uterus (or the baby) falling out onto the street. When I did a Google search while drafting this post, I could only find information on public forums and very little, if any, was supported by any research about running causing my uterus to fall out. This made me think about some other ridiculous things that people say to athletes, specifically females:

If you don't stop exercising and put on a couple of pounds, you will never be able to get pregnant. ****Now, this is NOT RIDICULOUS when someone is expressing genuine concern to an individual who is suffering from a disordered lifestyle, but it is ridiculous when the person who said it to me is ignoring the fact that I weigh 135 pounds (at 5'5), and have fat on my body. The same person who said this to me is the one mentioned above.*****

If you don't stop lifting weights, you'll get too big and not be able to fit into your clothes.

If you lift weights, you'll look like a man.

You running/working out/etc. for me? I have a creepy neighbor who always says "you running for me?" every time he sees me. No sir, I'm running FROM you.

You should work out to fit a certain ideal body type.

You are obsessed with working out/how you look.

You're crazy.

These are just a few ideas I can think of that I've heard from people before. I usually just roll my eyes and ponder the craziness, but it seems that everyone else seems to think they know what's best for you. The point of this whole (terribly written) post is that you should do things FOR YOU! Always do exercises that make you happy! I'm pretty sure that man just wanted to put a baby in my belly and that's why he was so concerned about my lifestyle.

What can you add to this list? What is something (even exercise unrelated) that EVERYONE is an expert at?

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P.P.S. Remember how I lost my mail keys? Well, after I got the locks changed, I opened my mail box to find.... my missing mail keys inside. 

Be safe and enjoy your holiday!