Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just One of Those Days

Remember how yesterday I talked about how I got a brain vacation this past weekend? Yeah... that vacation was really short lived.

On Monday night, I tried to squeeze in my usual strength class, a meeting, and grocery shopping, immediately shoving me back into the grind I so desperately wanted a break from. Tuesday morning, I decided to sleep in because my body said so (and I like listening to my body), but in the hour I decided to sleep in, I had 4 dreams where all of these bad things were happening. I posted this ominous tweet:

Well, by 10 am, the dreams had proved to be true. I broke my sunglasses as soon as I walked out of my condo (I was already late), I was a couple minutes late to class, and then on the way to the high school, I decided to call the post office about finding my lost mail key. The man on the phone proceeded to tell me that the name on the deed for the house had to be the one to come and get a new key. Well, if you don't know my situation.... the name on the deed for the house is no longer in the picture. I immediately got off the phone and started crying to my mom. It was just one of those days where crying is the only way to express your frustration and your stress. I know it's not a huge deal, but it's one of those things where I'm mad at myself for losing my key and that is piled on top of all the bullshit (excuse my language) that I have to go through to get a new one. Working on finding a way to hopefully get a new key....

(I did feel like an angsty teen yesterday)

After that phone call, I walked into the class where I teach and the teacher said "how ya doing, Rach? You look tired." I responded "I'm just having a tough day." She asked "What's going on?" and I cried... again. For no good reason. I proceeded to cry two more times before noon.

I slowly felt better throughout the day, but when I left the school, I left my lunchbox in the classroom. Then, I get to my second job for the day and I'm tired, exhausted, and hungry. My first appointment is late, which is good for me because I have to do some work of my own. My second appointment was early, but he was a sweetheart and didn't need much help. As I was getting ready to change for my run (I postponed it from this morning...bad idea), I realized that I forgot my sports bra. I don't have a large chest, but I also don't want pain from being ill prepared. It was just one of those days.

But I wasn't the only one who was having an off day. I got this e-mail from my professor in the morning:
That's not my name.

Hopefully today will be better. Be on the lookout for a giveaway in the near future!

Have you ever had "one of those days?" What do you do to combat the blues? 

P.S. I know that in the last few posts I have posted some "woe is me" sort of topics, but please, please, please don't think I'm out seeking attention. I see a lot of other bloggers comment that bloggers show their worlds through rose-colored glasses. My life is a sitcom, and sometimes my own sadness/insecurities/misfortune are humorous to me and I hope it will be to others. I'm laughing at myself already for yesterday's events.