Friday, December 6, 2013

Goals Check In: December Goals

I know we're a week into December, but I'm finally getting time to review my November goals!

Goal 8: Say More Meaningful "Thank yous"

This was a fun one. I enjoyed saying "thank you" to people who I would normally not say thank you to. Friends, family, those who I see every day (or almost every day), but don't usually stop to say "thank you" for being in my life. I'm hoping to continue this on meaningful thank you trend! 

Goal 9: Stress Less

Holy cow, guys. I've already been struggling with this and it's only a few days into December. This is a nice reminder to myself that I do not need to stress so much about final presentations (and other things going on in my life). A friend last night told me (in response to a situation that I was telling her about), "Rachel, I can see you're troubled. I've never known you to be upset about anything, and I can tell you that everything is going to work out." It was definitely what I needed to hear to help me relax. I'm going to try and be relaxed from now until Monday, when my last presentation is, because then I know that I will have an easier time relaxing for the rest of the month.

What are your goals for the month of December?