Thursday, December 12, 2013

Missing in Action: Where I've Been

Hi guys! Sorry I have been away for most of the week. I finished my final presentation on Monday evening, and I haven't really taken time to do ANYTHING since then. That's why I've been neglecting all my friends around here.

Let me give you a short and sweet recap of what I have been doing since I last updated you guys last week.

The weekend:

My weekend was actually really low-key compared to what it usually is. Since my weekends start on Thursday, I'll start with what I did on Friday. On Friday, I typed 15 pages of my 27 page report, went out, and was really crabby, so I didn't enjoy myself. On Saturday, I worked all day, came home, finished my report, and then Bam Bam and I went out for some Mexican food. Before we went out, my friend C called me and invited me and Bam Bam to join her and her boyfriend for some "Snow in the Park." Yes, I live in FL, but we were anxious to see how this was going to happen. Unfortunately, when we got there, the snow machines were not there. When the snow machines DID get there, they broke after 10 minutes. It was fun to see the kids get so overjoyed by the snow, but I think the logistics just weren't quite there.

On Sunday, Bam Bam and I went bioluminescent kayaking in Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge to see the comb jellies. I didn't bring my cellphone for pictures incase we tipped over, but it was AMAZING! We had to have seen at LEAST 200 comb jellies in the 2 hours we were out there. We also got to experience hearing a red drum (a fish) vibrate its swim bladder under the water. It was so loud and so awesome. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes, though, so I look like I'm sporting a severe case of chicken pox.
Borrowed photo of what we saw :)

Final presentation where only THREE of my classmates showed up, one of whom was presenting as well. We'll see if I go to anyone else's presentation later in the week. It's cool, because that just means I'm done with everything :D

I went to Mug Monday that evening with a few friends. If you bring any size mug that can fit under the tap, you only pay for a regular 12 oz beer ($3.75). My mug is the "tiny" green mug (I'm guessing it's 32 oz?).

The other two mugs were 50 oz and 52 oz, respectively.

Disney with Kel. We both finished with our semester on Monday, so we went to Disney World to celebrate. As always, we had a ton of fun. We spent the morning at Magic Kingdom, where there were virtually no crowds. The longest line we waited in was to see Cinderella at the Princess Fairytale Hall. We spent part of the early evening in Epcot, learning how other countries celebrate the holidays. It was incredibly interesting, and we came away with this awkward photo:

Then, we went back to Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. It was gorgeous and so much fun! There were NO lines for cocoa and cookies, even though the park was much more crowded than it was during the day. We went on the Jingle Cruise (formerly known as the Jungle Cruise), met Minnie, saw the Dwarves, and then went to the Holiday Wishes presentation, the Celebrate the Seasons show, and the parade. The parade was MAGICAL. So much fun and so well done. It was CRAZY to see some of the things that Disney can come up with! We left after the parade because we were exhausted, but I highly recommend the party if you can make it!!

I have a ton more Disney pictures, but that one is my favorite and I don't want to make this post even longer than it already is!


Beach and lazy day. Just didn't feel like doing anything :) Bam Bam came over in the evening and we just had a low-key night. It's his birthday today (Thursday) so we are keeping it low-key before the celebrations this weekend!

And that's where I've been!

How was your weekend? Have you ever been to any of Disney's Holiday Parties?