Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Things I Hate About Running in the Cold.

It's cold. I'm not referring to Florida cold here, people. I'm referring to real life, Chicago cold. Where I'll be on the rest of my winter break. It's horrible.

I went for my first training run in the cold here yesterday and as you're reading it, I've hopefully decided to brave the cold and head out for my long run for the week. Somehow, I trained for the Princess Half last year while I was home in Chicago for 3 weeks. This Florida-blooded girl (I am officially a transplant as I have zero plans on ever returning to the Chi) ran outside 4 days a week in the dead of winter. After yesterday's run, I'm not sure I can do it again. Here are some things I hate about running in the cold:

1. The wind
2. Icicle tears
3. The inability to breathe
4. Numb legs
5. Numb hands
6. Numb neck
7. The inability to speak coherently or stop coughing after the run
8. Snow
9. Weird aches and pains you don't normally notice
10. The cold

I have this jacket from Target that surprisingly kept me warm and made me slightly happier, but expect to see this post 5x a week for the next three weeks.

Also, I need suggestions for running scarves, please. 

What type of weather is your least favorite to run in? What is your favorite cold-weather running (or outdoor activity) accessory?