Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday Tangents

This post has nothing of importance except for the giveaway winner ;)

1. Today is my last day of regularly scheduled classes for the rest of the semester. So excited.

2. I decided yesterday in my strength class (as I'm wearing my Sweat Pink tank top) that I looked like the worst example of a fitness ambassador because I was complaining so much.

I looked like that baby..and sounded like it too

3. I tried to participate in the Runner's World Run Streak... but I didn't run on Sunday. I woke up with some nagging in both my hamstrings, so I took a rest day. I ran again yesterday... but I guess it isn't a streak if you miss a day. Oh well.

4. I'm trying to get back on the speed work train... but it's tough. I've done speed two weeks in a row, but last week I felt like I was going to die. This week, I didn't feel so bad...but I'm going to guess it's because I did a two-minute speed walk as a recovery in between sprints instead of a recovery jog. I'll work my way back up there.

5. A decision has to be made here on my end within the next month concerning something personal... either way, I'm going to need your guys' advice. I'll be sure to fill you in on it as soon as I can.

6. I watched "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown" last night, so it's officially Christmas in my house.

7. I need help convincing my mom (even though I don't live with her anymore), that I need a dog. Any help is requested.

8. I have one large assignment due on Monday, and our professor hasn't given us enough time to collect the exact data that we need. So, I'm having everyone who's anyone do my survey. If you guys wanna help me out (and help me pass), let me know. You don't have to live in Florida!

9. I hope he doesn't find my blog and see that I'm not doing my assignment correctly.

10. And finally, your giveaway winner is:

Congratulations, Andrea! An e-mail should have arrived already!

What are your tangents this Tuesday?