Thursday, December 19, 2013

Underprepared for Long Runs in the Cold

This isn't going to be another entire post dedicated to hating the cold. This is going to be a post discussing how underprepared I was/am for long runs in the cold.

For the most part, I was warm enough on my seven-mile run on Wednesday. I keep my core the warmest, even though it's where I sweat the most, but I seem to be okay. I still need to find a face shield/scarf, though, because when I come home I cannot breathe or talk until my lungs warm up. I also came home with icicles on my head:

Icicles right at my hairline

No, for once in my life, being cold isn't my problem. I don't know how to fuel during long runs in the cold. I ran without water OR fuel yesterday. I think I need to experiment with fuel that won't freeze (I'm thinking Larabars because I'm obsessed). For the most part, I didn't feel hungry or thirsty at all through my run. I also somehow ran negative splits the last half of my run. There was, however, waves of nausea that I experienced throughout the run. That's how I knew that I needed fuel of some sort.

Last year, when I trained for the Princess Half, I did NOT use fuel AT ALL! I even ran the entire race without fuel. Since then, I have learned more about my body and more about running and understand that I need to fuel myself properly if I want to reach my full potential. Since I'll be back to my normal fueling routines when I return to FL, I need help with fueling while I'm here in Chicago. Any and all advice is welcomed :)

What type of fuel do you use? If you are a cold-weather runner, please give me some suggestions on how to fuel! I will be forever grateful!