Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 1 #PrincessHalf Training Recap

Hi guys! Sorry for the late post today. I've been MIA again, but for good reason. I started training for the Princess Half again last week, and it went really well, except for the fact that I skipped one training run. I'll explain that later on. I'm loving running again, thankfully after that little break I took a couple weeks ago. Here's how the week broke down:




speed work


Walk for 12 hours around Magic Kingdom/Epcot (we did virtually no sitting)


3-mile run


6 mile run * This was my favorite run of the week because a tiny dolphin swam at my pace for half a mile. Amazing!


3-mile run



Total Miles:

14.2 miles (including speed work)

Four days of running is not bad at all, but I skipped the four mile training run I had planned. I'm not here to make excuses, I'm just going to tell you that I didn't do it because I chose to spend time with Bam Bam instead. His birthday was Thursday, so we spent the weekend together and celebrating it. I also wanted to get as much time as possible together before we were apart for a while. I am spending winter break with my family and shortly after I return, he's deploying. So, I chose time with someone I care about over running. It might not be the best for my training, but it was the best for my heart.

How was your training this past week? What was the coolest thing you've ever seen on a run?