Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Birthday Wishes and Gasparilla

Before I photo dump on you about my weekend at Gasparilla, I just want to take a moment to wish THIS LADY a very happy 22nd birthday:

Happiest of birthdays to my first best friend, my oldest girlfriend, half of my heart, my sister. I hope you have an amazing birthday and I miss you so so so so much :) So proud of you and all you have done over the last year. Happy birthday, silly sister!


Now, if you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure that you've already seen pictures of me dressed as a pirate. I went to Gasparilla for the first time to see by BFF, K (you've seen her in Disney photos and most importantly, Sarasota?). She lives in Tampa now, so I jumped at the opportunity to see her AND experience the craziness that is Gasparilla. 

I left home around 6 am and got to her at 8:15 am. As soon as we got there, we started drinking and ate a ton of breakfast foods to hold us over for the day. We then got dressed, got in the cab, and headed downtown. There, we walked around for a bit, took photos with strangers, and then found a nice spot for the parade.

The parade was SO FUN! It went on for a couple hours and there were pirates of all kinds handing out beads. I somehow ended up with a total of 142 beads. Not sure how my little neck could hold all of those, but it happened. I had so much fun dancing around, cheering, and just being with my friends.

Afterwards, we tried to go downtown, but there were cover charges EVERYWHERE and there was no room to breathe. Because we had been walking around all day and had been outside, my bronchitis came back with a vengeance, so we decided to head back to K's to just hang out and relax. I definitely had a great time and would have loved to go out, but for my health, I think it was best that we called it quits early. 

She and I went to brunch the next day and then I headed home in the early afternoon, where I got stuck on I-4 for an hour because a car trailer was on fire! This weekend was DEFINITELY what I needed after everything that has happened lately and I honestly feel like my old self again. It's so amazing what friends can do for us.

How was your weekend? Have you ever been to Gasparilla or another themed parade?